Thursday, June 14, 2007

Yes. It was.

A Good Idea, that is. Honigsberg cracked me up!

I left before the end of his lecture because I had heard all of that stuff before. Every time I actually go sit through a lecture I end up leaving early because I find it frustrating if I'm not learning anything new. And I feel like I've heard everything by now. It's just the repetition for memorization I lack.

I guess he wants us to write Bart v Soto and bring it in tomorrow. I'll write it but I'm not sure I'll go to the lecture. We'll see how I feel in the morning.


Bar/Bride said...

Did you have the Galleria question for homework too? I didn't like Bart at all but the Galleria was kind of interesting, I thought!

The Grand Poobah said...

I haven't done any of the assignments yet. "Yet", being the operative word.

My schedule has me doing them next week. I'll be sure to post about my experiences with all of them.

Otto S said...

I feel confused by H-berg. On one hand i appreciate the humor and positive attitude. On the other, i cant stand the repetition without learning anything new. After 3 of his sessions i felt like i wasted a huge amount of time.

The duality of

The Grand Poobah said...

Agree, I do. Regarding the waste of time.

I expect that BarBri knows we're a bit burned out from years of law school and we'd like nothing more than to have a week (a month!) off. It's tough to communicate this material effectively without resorting to animated hi-jinks so I'm inclined to give them a pass on the method.

Of course, I've not been exposed to all of it. Perhaps if I had sat through all of the lectures I would be less charitable.

calbar blondie said...

I felt like I improved with the Honigsburg method; just not enough(two 65's). I am taking the plunge with Holtz three day workshop next weekend to ratchet up those scores. I do know that he makes you practice a bunch in the class, so that will be a good drill. I'll report back. I understand Holtz's one-day is a good bet,too.