Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Today was a regular day. Get up at 7:30. Take my vitamins (and some of the stuff the doc makes us take when we start to get old(er)). Make the coffee. Have a cup. Catch up on the news. Have another cup. Catch up on my fellow bar bloggers. Have another cup. Review a little more Community Property. Do 50 Crim Law MBEs from the PMBR red book. Outline 4 Evidence, 2 Crim Law, and 2 Con Law essays with my study partner. Read some of the new Agency stuff. Do 12 Crim Pro MBEs from the PMBR red book. Realize I'm tired and I should go to bed. But first take a few minutes to post this fascinating blog entry.

My truck is still parked in the driveway with a buggered starter. It's been there for over a month now. I don't want to spend the $1k to get it fixed but I know I'm going to have to because I'll need it to carry all of my crap to the hotel in Ontario for the exam.

The bright side ... I ride one of my motorcycles everywhere! The weather's great! And I'm saving on gas. Woo-hoo! I wonder if I've saved $1k yet?

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