Monday, July 9, 2007


This is not a test. And you won't be testing either if your school hasn't done it's thing. I just called my school to find out if/when they sent my proof of graduation to the State Bar. They told me it was FedEx'd Thursday.

When the Bar told my study partner this morning that they hadn't yet received it, she got the tracking number from the school and with that, the date and time it was accepted at the Bar and by whom. The Bar then said we're probably good to go. I'll call tomorrow to make sure.

Anyway, the public Service portion of this post is to advise you that if the proper verification isn't received at the Bar by tomorrow, you're practicing for the Feb '08 exam.

So if you received one of those warning letters from the State Bar recently, call your school. Get tracking numbers. Track the package. Then call the Bar. Move it. Go. Do it now.

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Anonymous said...

good i hope they're late because i'm gonna sue their asses.