Monday, July 9, 2007

Learnin' time is over...

... it's time to practice.

At least, that's what I'm telling myself. Learning time has actually been over for quite a while. It's been reinforcing and condensing time for the last month or two.

Now it's time to implement the condensed material and practice writing. More writing. More writing in less time.

And based on a recommendation from Last Call, I'm going to do all of the MBEs in the PMBR blue book. And maybe the red book (if I have time.) I can see a lot of long days between now and the 22nd.

What I need now is to find a mad scientist who's looking for volunteers for testing his breakthrough process that allows people to go without sleep for ... (let's see. How many days until the 27th?) ... eighteen or nineteen days without any ill effects.

Yep... that's the ticket.


junior said...

Yipes! ALL the MBEs in the Blue and or Red PMBR books? Can you say BURNOUT?! Be careful, as I was constantly reminded during the July '06 Bar by professors and classmates alike: Too many MBEs at the expense of practicing writing (which is 2/3 of your score!) is a recipe for disaster.

Do what you need to do to get through this hellish experience, just be careful about allocating your study time appropriately. You can basically 'fail' the MBEs and still pass the Bar with decent scores on the essays/PTs! I think doing all of either the blue or red books could be overkill...

Good luck!!!

The Grand Poobah said...

Great advice. Thanks. I made those statements without first having looked closely at those books. I just glanced over my shoulder at the bookcase, verified that they were still there, then declared my intent to conquer them.

I hereby change my goal to, "Do as many of the MBEs in the blue book as I find time for and sleep with the red book under my pillow."

I think that's much more realistic. Thanks for the tip!

calbar blondie said...

Have you decided if you are going to the PMBR three-day? I've all but decided to go next Monday. I've already done the blue book back in law school, so the red one will have to suffice.

The Grand Poobah said...

I would like to, but I don't think I can afford the time. The days are like gold right now. I only feel comfortable writing about half of the subjects. I think my time might be better spent by practicing the ones in which I'm not as strong.

But, then again, I've heard nothing but good things about the PMBR program.

I have John Holtz's one-day program on Thursday, and my tutor is going to take up another day and a half over three classes. That's most of three days out of the thirteen that are left, and if I do PMBR that's three more. Which leaves me with seven study days, two of which are going to be review, and one of which is the Monday before the test.

Blah. At this point, who knows.

Richard said...

I think I may just be getting INTO learning time :-/ kinda did in wrong order tho lol - had to study the stuff first, then practice it and now imma learning!

Btw - any ideas why blogger seems to take ages to actually upload an entry nowadays? Even tho ya can see it on dashboard? (IT expert as you seem to be ;))

The Grand Poobah said...

Well... I'll hazard a guess.

I noticed the same thing. When a problem occurs all over the network it's either an overloaded server(s) or a network issue.

Here, it's probably not overloaded servers because this is Google we're talking about. I've been amazed over the years at how they can serve so many requests in such a timely fashion. There server farms must be gigantic, and many.

If a network is slow, it can be because of problems distributing the load, (which may be caused by a temporary surge in demand on a local or net-wide level) or with a temporary failure of a component (hardware or software) in the network. I've been experiencing slow responses with Google mail as well so I suspect they may be moving things around behind the curtains.

A system that big requires both hardware and software maintenance and they could be making temporary routing changes to ease the load on stressed or off-line hardware.

But on a network that gigantic, I really have no clue as to the potential problems that may occur. I'm sure they've seen things that no one else has simply because they're so pervasive.

So, my short answer is "No, not really."

Now it's back to Civ Pro for me. I'm going to take one whole day to figure out a way to slay this dragon. After that, I'm off to finally dispatch the Evidence dragon that I left injured in a cave last week.

last call at the bar said...

Screw the redbook is what many have told me. Besides, doing both of them in the next two weeks is just insanity. If you finish the bluebook, do parts of it over again (like the ?s you got wrong) or go do the advanced BarBri questions.

Re: the PMBR 3-day. I'm going to save the $400 and do the simulated exam at the back of the blue book. Time is precious!