Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The best laid plans ...

... something or other.

My study partner and I coordinate resources well, and we study together effectively in small bursts, but spending a whole day studying together just highlighted the different ways in which our minds work.

She writes everything down and knows her rules cold. I, on the other hand, have it all in my head. She's very structured and orderly. When I learn something, I try to understand the intent behind those who created the rule/law/finding so I can figure out a way to get to the correct resolution more quickly. As a result, when we try to figure something out together, I start rattling off the rule and its application to the facts as I've interpreted it in my head, and she reads her notes and charts. When we're forced to reconcile our methods and come to a conclusion, much wasting of valuable time ensues.

So, we've decided to coordinate our attack from opposite flanks. Each employing the method that suits us best. We'll communicate more often in these last few days, but we'll operate in different areas of the battlefield. Then we'll meet again when we're closer to the objective to go over our tactics for the final push.

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