Monday, July 16, 2007

Have you ever been in a hospital?

No, I'm not currently in a hospital, but I have another analogy for you to describe how I feel these days.


Okay, let stop right there for a little detour. I once had a professor who told us that we couldn't use the word "modernly" in our work for that class. When we asked her what the heck she was talking about she replied that it wasn't a word. And even if it was, it had no place in a legal environment.

We were grateful at that moment for wireless in the classroom because in about 15 seconds we were able to prove to her that, yes, "modernly" was indeed a word, and further, it was even used in the case book as well as the supplemental materials for that very class. The same case book and supplemental materials that she listed as required in the syllabus.

She relented.

And now back to the analogy ...

Modernly, when you've gone to a hospital for some type of procedure that requires a day or two of recovery time, and when the doctor has finished carving you up, they hook you to a machine that administers a teeny tiny little bit of Morphine every now and then to take the edge off your pain. And that machines comes with a button to push which, when pushed, administers a teeny tiny bit of additional Morphine for those moments when the pain spikes a bit. It's not enough to keep you pain free for the duration of your stay, but it does provide ever so brief moments of mental peace and tranquility.

I find myself in a state of undulating pain and tranquility. One moment I feel fine. I feel good. Confident. Competent. Capable of handling this thing. The next moment I'm in pain. I look around for a button, but all I see are piles of paper imprinted with the word "Conviser". And that word provides no relief.

On another side note, I'm self administering the PMBR MBE torture test. I should have results in a few days.

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