Saturday, July 7, 2007

It feels like a storm's brewin'...

It feels like earthquake weather. You know, that eerie calm that precedes something big happening. We don't get many storms out here in Southern California so when it gets like this we call it Earthquake Weather. The dogs stop barking, the leaves on the trees stop rustling, there are no birds in the air, the breeze stops blowing, everything goes quiet. Creepy, it is.

It's Bar Exam Weather.

It's coming, but it's just over the hill. You can feel it but you can't quite hear it. You hear something, but you're not sure what it is and you strain to make it out.

Then the realization hits and you say to yourself, "Crap. I had better get the storm windows up, shut off the gas, bring in the livestock. It looks like we're in for a blow."

I'm scrambling now to make my preparations. I'm fortifying the stuff I feel weak in; Evidence, Civ Pro, Con Law. And the stuff that I haven't looked at closely in a while, Contracts, PR, Wills, Trusts.

Everything feels reasonably solid but I know I've missed a nail here or a screw there, and after the storm blows through the place is going to be looking a little worse for the wear.

All of the big stuff is done. There's no time now for heavy lifting. Just gotta' make as many small reinforcements as I possibly can.

There's a Bar Exam coming.

And I'd better be ready.

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Richard said...

hehe I like the imagery! Plus those are the exact ones I feel weakest in - Evidence/Civ Pro and Con law!