Monday, August 20, 2007

Labor Day Is When The Labor Resumes

I'm going to follow Calbar Blondie's lead and resume studying after Labor Day. That holiday has aways been significant to me because my birthday occasionally falls on that day. This year is not one of those years but it's never more than a few days off.

No luck yet on the job front. I know that the hunt for a job is a full-time job in itself, but as yet I've only been at it part time. Because I've availed myself of the intellectual resources generously offered to me by my fellow bloggers and by my friends in the legal field, the resume is about done. I believe I've mentioned this before but it appears that my tendency to linger overlong on writing projects is congenital. My tendency to write copious pages on law school and bar exams is not strictly law related. It's a symptom of my anal-retentive, detail-oriented, perfectionist nature. Or maybe it's just that I'm a Virgo.

I sold one of my motorcycles last week. The furniture is next. Actually, I would sell my truck next but I think it's best to show up for an interview in a suit. And while I prefer to commute on my other motorcycle, I believe the suit would not hold up well. Plus, wool, or whatever my suit is made of, would be a poor substitute for leather and Kevlar in the event of a high-speed get-off. So the truck is required transportation and therefore not expendable. However, the main priority is making the house payment so anything's possible. But a job is the best resolution to that problem so I'd better get back to finding one of those.


calbar blondie said...

Wow..I'm flattered:) Getting back to business after Labor Day just seems to make sense, huh?

some guy said...

i don't get it, poobah. what are you studying? are you assuming that you failed?

The Grand Poobah said...

I have to assume that I failed. If I assume that I passed, and then find out that I didn't, the mental challenge of motivating myself to study for the next exam will be hugely more difficult than if I had simply found out what I already suspected.

And considering the speed with which this stuff exits your (my) brain, I think it would be wise to begin the process of stuffing it back in there as soon as possible. But at a slower pace than last time.

I learned a lot in the last couple of months before the July exam. I think I have a better handle on how I need to study if I have to take it again. So I'll poke along, doing 20-25 MBEs and one essay per day. Maybe one PT per week.

Then if I pass, it means I get to take the rest of my life off from studying. And that'll be a great Thanksgiving/Anniversary/Christmas present!

hsw said...

If I didn't pass the one I just took I'll have to take it again and if I did pass, I'm taking another bar in February anyway and I like the labor day start date so I may have to get back into the MBE topics at the very least through September. Maybe I'll actually get all the evidence rules straight. :) Would love to read of your approach as you get back to the books, I was thinking I'd just cover the big six until October when Nevada results come out and then I'll know whether to do Nevada essays over again or start Oregon's.

Marsha said...

Good luck on the job front and bar studying! I had hoped to take the bar exam this summer (different state), but at the last minute, there was a paperwork snafu. 2 months of studying, and I couldn't take the bar.

So I'll resume studying in September, too, but I HAVE to take it in February.

Just wanted to say I can relate to your comment about having a better handle on it now. I don't think I really knew what I was doing this summer -- will be better organized the 2nd time around.

The Grand Poobah said...

hsw: The big six, eh? That's a great idea. Those subjects are the most familiar and perhaps I won't feel as overloaded as I might if I was to try to incorporate all of the subjects into the study schedule. Thanks for that!

A different state? That sounds intriguing. It's one of the benefits of going to an ABA school. If I had to do this all over again, I think I'd probably have to do it the same way again. Sure, I would love to go to an ABA school. But the extra time required for daily classes and studying at home would have put way too much stress and strain on what eventually became an almost unbearably stressful situation. As it is, the damage is going to take quite a bit of time to repair.

Marsha: I can almost imagine what a pain it must have been to go through all that preparation only to be torpedoed at the end. I say 'almost' because as you may have read, I only received my admission ticket a few days before the exam. That was not fun. But hey! Now you'll be much more prepared for February!

Anonymous said...

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