Monday, August 27, 2007

Well that was quick, part II

Just call me Shredded.

Of course, it doesn't help that I wasn't exactly qualified for the position.


biff said...

Sorry. I really shouldn't give advice b/c everybody's situation is different. What kept my sanity up was to try out some new hobbies while I looked. You'll have to find a hobby anyways when you retire. Might as well start on that now.

The Grand Poobah said...

Thanks Biff, you're right. What I should do is fine tune the hobbies that I already have so I can turn them into streams of income should it turn out that I've already, unknowingly, retired. (;-)>

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but did anyone else notice that Dilbert has been running a storyline where the goodwill of a company is purchased? I keep thinking of that CP Q on the July exam.