Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Say it out Laude!

Hey all y'all... It looks like, despite all of the roadblocks and the land mines and the hand grenades and all of the other assorted and sundry ordnance that was directed onto my heavily bunkered position in the last few years of law school, I was at least able to stay focused enough keep my grades up sufficient to meet the school's requirements for a cum laude designation on my degree.

Now that's a bright side if ever I've seen one.

Yippie-Kai-Ay, Monkey Scratcher!


biff said...

per ardua ad astra.

The Grand Poobah said...

Very appropriate, Biff. Thanks for that.

calbar blondie said...

Well, now you have to update the resume next to J.D. results pending! If your school has an honor society, that means you would likely be inducted into that, too...another good resume item, GP.

Cutie said...


conbrio said...

Nice work - good for you!

Vert said...


Girl said...

You should read this if you are still looking for a job:

Mat (Mad?) said...

Hey, it's quite a venture to post all the questions and answers on the same day of exam.

I read them all. Hey, dude that's awesome! I would be reall Mad if you have to take it a second time; and i would believe what people say that the bar examiners were just unable to get over what they went through ten years ago! You pass.. without any doubt.

One question as to the PT. I did not take any review course and did none of the PT before walked into the ONtario Convention Center; so I had not idea about the format of a good answer.
Do we need to outline it as in essays or we can talk about three issues under a big headline of issues?

I probabaly screwed up the PT...... so I will work on that just for the Feb 08.

Post your triumph in Nov.!