Monday, October 15, 2007

31 days and change....

... until results are released.

I'm not getting nervous yet because I don't expect good news.

We've all had a chance to look at the questions again and try to remember what we wrote.

I think I did average to decent on the essays, but I know that what I was able to get on paper for the PTs wasn't adequate. The only way I'll pass is if I don't get any lower than 60s on the PTs and then get better than average grades on the essays and the MBEs. It could happen but the stars would have to be aligned in my favor. I can only hope that some of the good karma that I created during prep time comes back to me in the form of happy graders! (;-)>

I sure wish they would release the selected answers. On the other hand, it's probably better if I don't see them until after I get the results.


Anonymous said...

Don't count yourself out just yet. You probably did better than what you think. I wish you well.

The Grand Poobah said...

When I made that post I had intended to include the fact that while I don't expect to pass, I recognize that there is a distinct possibility that I will actually pass. When I imagine what my result may be, I picture a spot exactly on the 50% probability line.

Anonymous said...


I too am waiting on results in California. However, unlike you I have been through this before.

Don't count yourself out just yet. Remember, your performance on the test is measured against the other examinees. All we have to be is consistently average...and we should pass. Of course, I failed to be consistently average last July and in February even though I scored better than 52% of the examinees, consistently average was not good enough (only a 36% pass rate in February).

One more thing. Without question the thing that will make or break you is the PTs. I failed February 2007 with a 149 scaled MBE...why? Because I scored a 55 on one of the PTs. Had I scored a 70 on it (like I did on PT-B), I would have passed --even with dismal scores on the essay section.

Keep your head up and good luck.

calbar blondie said...

I thik we are all second guessing ourselves on any or all parts of the July exam. It's very infuriating that they post the essay questions in the first place before they have accompanying selected answers.
The whole wait we have to endure is so irritating. I was doing fine until October began.
It's all a crap shoot and often the essay or PT you thought you did poorly on could have been your best score. I hope we don't ever know any of our scores!!!!

The Grand Poobah said...

Anon: Good point about the averages and competing against the other test takers. I had forgotten about that part. I hope it works in my favor!

Blondie: I looked at my counter today and for the first time since the exam, the butterflies became active again. I'm jealous of the out-of-state people who have already received their results.

I suppose the bright side is that if we don't pass, we have less time to get stressed out about taking it again. (;-)>

Richard said...

I feel completely blank re: all my answers and even the questions! On the way to work this morning i was seriously considering starting to listen to some calbar lectures just to calm my nerves... dun think it would have worked! lol

The Grand Poobah said...

Richard: I've had the same impulse to listen to my law CDs while driving. And I've even done it a few times. It's amazing how quickly that stuff that was once so very familiar now seems somehow oddly out of place.

Anonymous said...

149 "scaled" MBE is just ok... the 55 PT shall not be the only thing to blame