Thursday, January 24, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy!

I've been so busy with studying and my one remaining job that I haven't had the time to update this thing.

Okay, I have had the time, I've just been using it elsewhere. I have less time to prepare for this exam so I'm eliminating some of my non-bar related extraneous activities. And this blog, while bar-related, is extraneous to my essential exam preparation activities.

I will note that I'm rolling along in my MBE and essay practice. The MBE results remain unnaturally high because I've seen them so many times I can do them in my sleep. The essay outlining and approach building is improving. But my PT skills are lagging a bit. One thing at a time, for now.

Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, and Civil Procedure are on today's menu. Bon App├ętit!

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Anonymous said...

to the Grand Poobah:

I heard Sacuzzo and Johnson (the people that wrote Bar Secrets) speak about the MBEs. If you are getting a bunch right, and believe you are memorizing the answers, slow it down and really decide if that is the right answer. They were saying that unless you are getting the answers straight from the NCBE, many of the outside MBE books have incorrect or wrong answers.

I am going through a little bit of this with the Barbri book. I don't care what Barbri says in the MBE. After I look it up in the Barbri long book, and look at the outline, and the answer should be something other than what Barbri says, I am sticking with my answer.

If you regularly get high on the practice questions (those not from the NCBE site)... consider that some of the answers are wrong on their answer guide... and that may be carrying over to the exam.

Go with what you know....because odds are... that couple of percentage points difference between practice scores and actual MBE testing is incorrect answers we have learned from PMBR or wherever... carrying over to the exam.

Sacuzzo and Johnson were saying that PMBR regularly has wrong answers for their questions. Great questions but incorrect answers. So bear that in mind if you are using answers not actually from the NCBE site or NCBE actual released answers.