Friday, January 18, 2008

I'm tempted to ...

... take that reference to my MBE practice scores out of my last post. It's not a true indicator of where I'm at and that's why I'm not comfortable with it. The problem is that most (all?) of the questions have been out in the marketplace for so long, and there's only so many ways they can hide the ball. Which is why, I think, when they changed so many of them because of the PMBR thing I only did average on the actual exam.

Gee... I think I know now why I sometimes got freaked out while preparing for the July exam. I really can't talk about this too much before I start chasing my tail. As I'm doing now on this MBE issue.

Anyway, I've been through the BarBri MBE books at least three times, the Adaptibar material at least three times, and the questions from the NCBE at least twice. The questions in the S&T book look very familiar and I know that's why I'm getting so many right. But on the flip side, I still miss the same ones I missed before. Argh.

What does all of that mean? It means I should have done much much better on the exam. And it probably means I'm memorizing the fact patterns rather than the rules they're testing.

It also means that I had better get back to work.

And perhaps it means that I should dust off the hated PMBR books after all.


biff said...

Right before the exam, I was only at about 70-80% on the Barbri questions. But I got above 80% on the NCBE set. I gave up on PMBR.

RG said...

I know what you mean about memorizing fact patterns! The PMBR red books is giving me hives just looking at it.....but I guess variety is the spice of life ;)
Sounds like you're on the right track, though!

Biff, I could only DREAM about 70-80%....what is your secret??

biff said...

I try to eliminate the wrong answers and not overthink things.

The Grand Poobah said...

Biff: Concur, I do. I just did 25 Torts MBEs in about 30 minutes and got 75% right. I haven't yet looked at why I missed them, that comes later this evening. But as I was doing them I was thinking that I should just pick what I thought was the best answer and move on quickly.

I remember closely scrutinizing every question in July. I think I may have confused myself with details that I otherwise would have ignored.

biff said...

I remember doing a lot of mental coin flips.