Friday, January 25, 2008

Thirty-One (31) Days

Last June that thought would have inspired a herd of butterflies to batter themselves violently against the walls of my stomach. (It would not, however, have caused me to mix metaphors as I did in the previous sentence.) (;-)>

I think it's a sign (but of what, I cannot quite make out).

Perhaps it's like climbing Mt. Everest for the second time. The climb hasn't gotten any easier, it's just that I learned some valuable lessons from the first attempt and I'm using that knowledge to make this second effort a little less traumatic. Like, for example, the concept that supplemental oxygen is a good idea. I'm also benefiting from the fact that I left some pitons in/on the mountain, in the form of the knowledge base I formed last Spring, which I'm hooking into to ease the effort associated with the heavy lifting this task demands. (My apologies to the true mountain climbers out there (Paul!) if they stumble upon this blog some day and find that I hosed the analogy.)

Anyway, with experience comes wisdom and a bit of calm. I just hope that I don't have to find out how wise and calm I'll be on my third attempt (knocking ...)

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