Friday, February 1, 2008

Like your favorite sitcom.....

.... the time has come once again, for what has become my weekly post.

For whatever reason, I'm not blogging much about this exam. I suppose that's because I don't really want to be here right now. The "here" I'm talking about is taking the Feb '08 exam.

There are so many good reasons why it was very important for me to pass it in July. And now, a couple of those reasons have become scary critical and I really don't want to think about them. At all. And when I blog about this exam I'm forced to contemplate future scenarios that are not pleasant.

Plus, it appears that everyone else who failed in July is doing the same thing I am. That is, reducing the external distractions, like their blog, and focusing on the last week of this month. At least it looks that way because the number of posts on the blogs I read have dropped. It's either that, or it's that no one gets excited about the February exam.

BUT! Rest assured that if something does come up that's worth a quick post, I'll be prompt with the publication!

One more thing ... I've discovered that my earlier confidence about retaining details from last Spring doesn't apply to all of the subjects (like, um, Civ Pro, Con Law, Property, Evidence ... ) (;-)>

So I've definitely got some work to do to get back to where I was before.


biff said...

Sometimes last summer, I posted about the law. I find that doing that and getting reader feedback really helped me remember that little area.

Don't get stuck on learning the obscure points and practice the big points.

stella said...

GP, you're right on the money. I think if I blog about how miserable I am, I'm just focusing on the wrong things. It's also a scary reminder that all that time I spent complaining, I should have been looking at civ pro!

Richard said...

I noticed that about the blogs generally, can't believe how quick the next exam came around! :-S