Sunday, February 24, 2008

And so it begins (in 48 hours)

"Welcome back my friends, to the show that (this week) ends", to paraphrase ELP.

This must be what it's like to be an astronaut; getting into the shuttle bus that's going to take him to the rocket in which he's going to be launched into a week long adventure that will have a major effect on the rest of his life. If he remembers all of the training and pushes all the right buttons he gets to live another day and go on with his life. If he freaks out and forgets the rules and screws something up, life as he knows it comes to a crashing halt.

Hmph... No pressure.

But, that which doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?

Um, right.

Thanks very much to all of you who have expressed your good luck wishes. I very much appreciate your kind and supportive thoughts. I'm hoping for positive results for each and every one of us. Especially my blogger buddies out there, and those of you with whom I've studied over the past two months. It would be deeply satisfying to see all of us pass. Of course, it would have been even more satisfying to see us pass last July! (;-)>

Some of us (all of us?) think we haven't memorized enough rules or written enough exams and can't play the game well enough to win. To each of us with those thoughts, I would ask us to remember the people with whom we studied in July. We each remember someone who, for whatever reason, we thought didn't stand a snowball's chance in hell of passing. Well look at them now, out there practicing law.

The odds are with us. We will beat this thing.

There's a good chance I won't post again until this thing's done, so let me say again ...

Best of Luck to Everyone!


Anonymous said...

I agree, it's our time now. We can do it. Best of luck to you.

Anonymous said...

Time for the mayhem to begin.....let the good times roll. Best wishes to everyone taking the bar (including myself) and to a positive result in May.

Meg said...

I'm not taking the CA Bar, but I am taking Maryland. I read your blog all last summer when I was studying for NY, and I am glad you got it together to do it again. Good luck to you, I am really pulling for you, all the way from the other side of the US! I'll be thinking of you all week. :)

Distance Law said...

Good Luck!


thecalbaristhebaneofmyexistence said...

best of luck~~!!!

Anonymous said...

Good Luck. You deserve it. Let's rock the Cal Bar Association with a 100 percent pass rate!!

Anonymous said...

Good Luck to you GP - and all the other bar takers out there. When you sit back and think - how much you have prepared (for me this is my 3rd tour of the CA BAR) for this exam - Know that there are people worse off who are not as prepared as you! GOOD LUCK to all - I do not know any of you - but that does not mean people are not praying for you! Good Luck!

APGIC said...

Good luck and I'll be praying for us all tonight.

Anonymous said...

Hey GP,

If you start doubting yourself in the middle of the exam (like I did last July). If your mind starts telling you that you will not pass (as my mind did several times during the exam last July); I ask you to stop for just a moment and listen to the crowd. We are out here cheering for you and we believe that you can do it!!!

(We would come in the exam room to cheer but that may distract the other test takers...)

-One of last July's lucky ones

Midwesterner in D.C. said...

GP- your story is a good one. Everyone that has already commented has covered what needs to be said. It is all a mental game for us now- no getting psyched out. We'll execute the plan, deal with whatever those damn bar examiners throw at us and kick some ass. We don't have to win the race, just finish before the sag wagon catches up to us.
Good luck!