Thursday, February 21, 2008

Studying for the Bar Exam is like going on vacation.


What, you were expecting a punch-line?

Okay, here you go ...

Studying for the Bar Exam is like going on vacation. You withdraw from the world for two weeks, then when you return, nothing has changed. It just seems like you were gone forever, and that the world as you know it ceased to exist. When you return and ask the inevitable question, "So, what happened while I was gone?" People look at you funny and say, "Nothing. You were only gone for two weeks!"

I think I commented on this phenomenon last July. For me, anyway, it's like I enter a time-space bubble. My time passes quickly but the last week takes forever.

I know. That's weird.


APGIC said...

Wish it were over already!

she-ra said...

They say we should be hitting 70% on the MBE's but which questions, the intermediate BARBRI the advanced or PMBR???? I suck at MBE, any pointers?

Anonymous said...

Hi GP, it has been a long journey since the results were out in November, the pain of having to hit the books again and alas, we are down to the last couple of days of our marathon race.

All the best to you and everyone else taking the bar exam next week. Hit them hard and knock them dead, everyone!

Thanks for being there! I deeply appreciate the moral support that your blog provides. Hope we'll all be rewarded with the very elusive bar cards that we worked so hard for in May!

If nothing else, this evening next week, we can enjoy some semblance of normal life again.


APGIC said...

My best friend's last minute bar tip (she passed the July bar on first try!):

"tips: hmm ... the only thing i can advise on is if u feel like ur not ready and arent gonna pass and are the only 1 who is not ready

biff said...

Good luck!

weezy said...

Hey GP,

I just wanted to wish you good luck!
We know their game plan.
We know their favorite tricks!
We WILL pass this time!!


calbar blondie said...

Good luck GP!