Saturday, March 1, 2008

Hey Grand Poobah! You just finished the California Bar Exam! What are you going to do next?

Why, I'm going to Disneyland of course!

As an adult who has been to the Magical Kingdom more times than he can count, I find Disneyland fun at times. But now, as a grandfather, the place takes on a whole new meaning. And because my daughter and granddaughter are going there today, so are my wife and I. This may postpone my post-op of the Bar. But only by 24 hours max. and I suspect that most of you really couldn't care less at this point. But I'm still going to do it, if only for my own edification.

I'll say "Hi!" to Mickey for all y'all.

Edit: My Grandbaby loves Pirates of the Caribbean! She looks tired here, but she comes alive when we get on the boat!


Jenevieve said...

I still care! I took (and passed) July '07 and am curious what those *%$#*&# threw at you guys in February! Congrats on making it through with a positive attitude. I'll be thinking of you in May!

Bar Daze said...

omygosh, I missed it! Thought I would check in since you guys had the bar coming up this week, no, wait - it's March already. Last week of Feb . . . oops! Still, you had lots of positive thoughts directed your way, and - re: your previous post ' go out there and be competent' . . . never underestimate competence!

Bitter Quasi-Lawyer said...

Disneyland is the best. THE BEST.

conbrio said...

It's funny - I forgot all about the bar exam last week, but I had a horrible bar exam nightmare on Wednesday, so I guess some part of my subconscious remembered!

Poobah, good vibes to you - I bet you got it this time! I hope you had fun in Disneyland and that you will get a chance to relax a little after all of your hard work.


The Grand Poobah said...

Jenevieve: Thanks! Just posted a summary version of my experience. I hope it was enough.

Bar Daze: Yep. Competence. It's my new motto!

BQL: It worked for me. I'll post a pic.

Conbrio!: Funny, it is. I didn't have bar-exam nightmares until after the exam. And then, besides the essay nightmares, there was an MBE component. THAT, was miserable. But the golf was good and Disneyland was great.

And the good vibes are appreciated!

Leslie said...

Oh, your granddaughter! How precious! You are a lucky fella, for sure.

I managed to get out in the woods and hike this weekend. It helped.

Couldn't read your rehash post... still nightmaring about the exam.

weezy said...

she is so beautiful!!!!

i also don't read bar dissections.
but you sounded very aware of what the bar what was throwing at you and you stayed in control!

best of luck in may! (but i'm sure ya rocked it!)

enjoy your time off!!!!