Thursday, February 28, 2008

I'm Poobah the Done, I am. Poobah the Done, I am, I am.

Did I mention that I'm done?

I'm done.

And I actually felt pretty good about my chances. Until today's PT.


I'm taking the rest of the night off. And I'm giving you the night off too. Go ahead. No worries. If anyone says anything, just tell them I said it was okay.

While you're at it, take tomorrow off too.

Welcome, you are.

I'll recap this weekend. Saturday looks good. There's a golf course with my name on it tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

Enjoy your life now! We all deserve to after THAT exam! And whose idea was it to administer a bar exam where there is an airport, a major freeway AND a set of railroad tracks????
Good grief!

Anonymous said...

what were the topics!!!?

Torts AND...

thecalbaristhebaneofmyexistence said...


i think i will def. be having a 3d date with the bar. i had no idea how to answer that 3d mess of a question today... it totally **cked me!

Anonymous said...

What showed up on the Thursday essays?

biff said...

Congrats and good luck.

Anonymous said...

For people asking:

CommPpty (funky putative spouse w/ divorce)

stella said...

GP, don't sweat it yet. You never know!! As for me, I pooped on all 3 essays today! Have fun on the green tomorrow! Enjoy the misses you!

Jonathan Kramer, Esq. said...

Brian, welcome back to my planet. When you've risen from the fetal position, give me a call.

I'm happy for all of you takers who get 77 days 17 hours 39 minutes off.

tihsllub, ma I!


K said...

yay!! we are done! :)

Holden said...

Outraged! Springfield and Palatine are actually 207 miles apart!

That just ruined everything for me ... nothing to do with the weirdness of only 2 MBE essays or forgetting what the heck a putative spouse is defined as or .. yeah, you know, the other essays, PT, and about 75% of the MBEs (why was exoneration an answer choice 4 or 5 times? It may have even been right once! Wills slowly creeping into the MBE, it's clever that way).

Richard R said...

i think the 3rd question was unresolvable, the facts didn't mention a board. Because of the vagueness of the call of the question, I took this as an opportunity to analyze all the possible business entities it could have been and the liabilities of L, A and B under each. - then de facto corp, corp by estoppel, if not then general partnership, partner acting with actual, implied apparent authority, etc. There wasn't a clear answer, I think the bar examiners just wanted to test if you struggle with the issues and score points along the way.

Anonymous said...

question about essay #4 (wills/trusts)

If you concluded that Sis was the trustee of the Trust, did she breach the fiduciary duty of loyalty to Bank when she attempted to unilaterally revoke the trust by cancellation? I didn't write about breach of any of the trustee's duties and it's been buggin me since yesterday....

And Richard R, I didn't even think about all that agency shit until you mentioned it....damn, hope the Examiners don't completely fail me on that essay (i did write about de jure, implied corp, corp by estoppel, promoter liability/pre incorporation Ks, unauth. practice of law)

Anonymous said...

I did--very very briefly--mention that if she could have revoked the trust (which she can't do as as the trustee, RIGHT??), then that would have been a breach of her FD. Literally one sentence (without a heading, so might not even be read).

Anonymous said...

I read your blog during '07 and I was totally rooting for you. I hope you made it this time. If not, pursue zen buddhism for a year and then retake the bar.

L said...

thursday's PT was crazy. and essays, for that matter. so much more to them than tuesday's!

i like your blog. i especially like that you have a results countdown! 77 days! blah!

Anonymous said...

Well we made it! Let's be glad for that. I just hold on to the idea that a lot of people who think they failed actually ended up passing.

I'm going to try to make the next 77 days fly by. At least its slighly faster then the wait over the summer.

calbar blondie said...

Thursday's PT was indeed crazy, and my laptop died SECONDS before the guy said "You May Begin"!!! I had to handwrite it, but didn't freak out..everything else on all three days felt fine, so we'll see if the handwritten PT affected my chances.
I handwrote the Baby Bar and passed, so I'm praying it will all be weighted equally. I'm sure they see the "incident report" that one fills out when you handwrite at the last minute..hoping anyways.
The real project was getting the essays uploaded...I'll post more on my blog.
Congrats on your effort, GP!