Thursday, February 28, 2008

Watchwords for today. ..

Assertive; Enthusiastic; Aggressive, Confident, Dominant!

Remember, you must zealously represent your client (YOU) to the Bar. They are looking for lawyers, not law students. The standard is high because they have very little control over you once they give you the stamp of approval.

They want to make sure we can fly before they push us out of the nest. It wouldn't do anyone any good if there was a big collection of dead bodies at the base of the tree. We have to show them we can head for the horizon, even if we're a bit wobbly in the initial effort. Perfection is not required, merely competence. Surely we can give them that.

Now go out there and be competent!

Wait... that doesn't work very well, does it?

Okay, try this...

No go out there and, in a most excellent fashion, render overwhelming force to the Bar Exam's posterior!

Hmmm ... that doesn't sound good either.

Okay, how's this: "Let's go out there and give the Bar Exam an inferiority complex!"


Just go do whatever works for you. And kick the Bar's ass while you're doing it!


Anonymous said...

What were the topics!

Marsha said...

Congrats on finishing!!! I hope you feel good about it -- or at least not horrible. I've been 2nd guessing myself all day, but I suppose I'll tire of that soon.

Richard R said...

topics were torts, community prop, two (1 and a 1/2) professional respond, business associations, wills and trusts, crim law/procedure.

you're definately going to have some civil procedure next time in july. or I say "we"?????