Sunday, September 21, 2008

60 Days

Two months.

Blah, that is.

The U.S. team won the Ryder cup today. Yay! (The Ryder Cup is a golf competition between Europe and the USA that's held every two years.)

Very non-blah, that is.

The financial screws are tightening, so I'm starting a business. It's something that I can do on my own so I don't have to find a job working for someone else while I'm in this twilight zone between a JD and an Esq. Many of you know how tough that can be. A JD's close to worthless without the license.

Very blah, that is.

My income goal is modest for now. I just want to make enough money to avoid having to do something distasteful (like filing bankruptcy or selling my house.) It's going to be slow at first, like all start ups, but I'm hoping to get lucky and make enough money for the first couple of months to pay at least half of my bills. I'll provide a link to my website when I get it set up (which should be some time this week.)

Wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

We are on the same boat GP. Good luck with your new business and bar exam results!

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. I've been searching for a job since the bar and one wants a JD.
This is a hard time.
Good luck with your new business! At least you have that going...unlike some of us.

Anonymous said...

"The financial screws are tightening, so I'm starting a business" It's kind of ironic that you say that, cause to properly start a business, you need money.

The Grand Poobah said...

Money? Not necessarily. Not if you have credit cards! And I haven't yet maxed out a couple of them.

Fortunately, this business only requires about $1k to get started. Once the infrastructure's in place, it's all about getting busy.

jurisdrdre said...

good luck pooooohbaaaah !

Janna said...

Of course! Always the best of luck to you! But Poobah... You don't need luck.. you always seem to perservere on your wit and intellect! Which you have a great deal of! So... to appease you, which you do not need... GOOD LUCK! And I need not say, but always know we are here for you!

Sis J

Anonymous said...


I was in the same boat and opted to pass on the July 2008 exam because of it. The financial worries (layoffs, ongoing bills, etc were interfering). I got a part-time job in my field outside of the legal area. The owners of the place are great, generous, know I am taking the bar in February. I just have to remind them I am not licensed in CA and can't represent them on legal matters.

This part-time deal is becoming a great source for contacts-with other lawyers, and other people who have contacts. It's snowballing and working out good.

I am now in better financial shape, have money saved to add the BarGraders to my study tools and a few other things. My study time now is more focused and getting down to business. I find I am getting more done because I am worrying less about outside problems.

It will all work out, GP. Good Luck and hang in there.

The Grand Poobah said...

A brief update.....

First, thanks for the good wishes. Appreciate them, I do!

The business I'm starting is in the field of judgment recovery. One of my law school buddies is doing it and he's helping me get started. I won't see any income for a couple of months but ... we'll see how it goes.

And then, the DUI defense attorney I'm working for part-time isn't making enough money to cover his bills so he's decided to cut his losses and get a day job. He has a background in real estate so he's taken a job as attorney for a title company.

That turned out to be a positive development for me because he now wants to start a mortgage mediation business. And, because he'll be tied up all day with his regular job, I get to be the front guy who does the actual mediation.

So, things are looking up for me too. It's about time!