Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Plug!

And I'm not talking about a cure for hair loss! (;-)>

Here's my new business: www.gpjudgmentrecovery.com

Notice the Grand Poobah reference... GP Judgment Recovery!

The website says it all.

That, and a couple of other opportunities, have commanded my attention, to the detriment of other offers (my apologies to Arezou!)

Regarding the Bar Exam ... It seems as though I've lost interest. Until November 21st, that is.

Seriously, I can not even think about that POS until then.




Anonymous said...

But...at the bottom of the page it says copyright 2003. How could it be your new business?

The Grand Poobah said...

Good question, Glasshoppa'!

I started to create my own website, since that's what I used to do for a living, but then, when I joined the National Judgment Network, I discovered that one of the benefits of membership is the use of the small pre-fab site that you see there.

I'll still eventually substitute my own custom site for that one. But, for now, that one serves an important purpose - it gets me out on the web with almost zero time and effort.

The copyright says 2003 because that's when they wrote the original code. I guess I'll have to go change that part of it. There are a couple of other small changes I'd like to make, but, for now, simply having it up there is the important thing.

I'm using GoDaddy as my hosting service and it comes with some free Google and MSN keyword credits. I'll be evaluating the best way to implement those later. The whole project is still in its infancy, and is definitely a work in progress.

As far as start-up costs are concerned, I've spent about $1k, which should easily carry me through at least the first six months. By the end of that period I should be seeing some return on the investment.

I'll keep all y'all posted.