Friday, October 3, 2008

This is like the major award ceremonies in that ...

... the nominees are announced a long time before the winners are announced.

Here are the nominees.

The winners will be announced on November 21st, at 6:00 p.m.


kris said...

Ah, the memories. Thanks for posting a copy of the exam.

It makes me laugh when high school educated dip shits comment on bar exam passes.

People don't know what we've done or what it takes.

All the best for the result.

Kind regards

Anonymous said...

Questions seem so easy now. I wish I felt the same way while taking the exam. Oh, well! Good luck everyone on November 21st.

Anonymous said...

. . . just looking at them makes me feel like barfing and realize the HUGE errors I made . . . GEE f****** whiz . . .

Anonymous said...

What a nightmare!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello TGP and all others,

I am going to stand up and make a very BOLD prediction here for all of you folks!

We will be looking at an all time high, July CBE "Repeat Takers" passing rate, I say that of all repeat takers that took the exam in July 2008, 31% or BETTER are going to get liscensed.

All we can all hope for is that we were disciplined enough, to put in the work and the focus this time around.

Good luck to all of you as well as for myself (2nd time taker), I certainly hope that we got the job DONE this time around.

Try to enjoy the next 39 days, six hours and twelve minutes until the results come out.


Anonymous said...

GP and others,

I wanted to continue to wish all of you my best in hoping you passed the California Bar Exam this time.

Results were released today in Nevada for the July 2008 examination. I found out that one of my good friends passed that exam today on her 6TH ATTEMPT!

Hope everyone keeps the faith. It will happen!


goldenrail said...

I tried to open the link, and all I got was a big black screen. Maybe it's the slow internet in Nigeria, or maybe it's an omen. Perhaps I should rethink my decision to move to cali....

P.S. glad to see you're updating again. I've missed your posts.

The Grand Poobah said...

Goldenrail: I think it must be the slow connection. I tried it again today and the link is still good. The PDF is just over 470k so you might need to give it a few minutes. Either that, or save it to your system and look at it later.

I haven't been posting because I get queasy whenever I think about the bar exam again. I can't bring myself to contemplate the consequences of failing one more time.

But on the other hand, it's because I can't afford to fail again that I'm starting my business. This way, if I get bad news, it won't be the end of me. In fact, I could probably afford to skip the Feb '09 exam if I can get the business off the ground quickly enough.

Regardless, I believe I'll start posting again fairly soon. The challenge for me is coming up with something worth writing about. I suppose I'll just have to get more creative. Maybe I'll write about how I always have to add salt to my food! (;-)>

Anonymous said...

Well, there is nothing to do about it now. Thanks again for making me relive the executive powers question...which is the one I was on during the earthquake!

It's things like this that make me not check your blog very often. LOL

Best of luck, and you're in my thoughts. - Neighbor

Anonymous said...

GP & Readers:

I took the July '08 Bar. I am scheduled to take the MPRE on Nov 8th. Can anyone give me some useful pointers and tips other than just reading and doing practice tests? Thanks.


goldenrail said...

AJ -
Other than the practice questions, just use common sense and don't worry about the test. I took the MPRE in August and it has to have been one of the easiest multiple choice tests ever. If you've already done the Bar, this should be no problem.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the info. My thanks go to GP, too, for giving us the opportunity to communicate.


Anonymous said...


Another thing about the MPRE is that you'll have plenty of time to answer each multiple choice question; about 4 minutes each. So take your time and don't feel rushed at all. Most people in my class were finished well before the 2 hours were up.

I received a 111 MPRE score and it was from reviewing my BarBri video notes, but mostly doing practice questions from the BarBri book - especially taking the time to review the answers in the back. I slowly worked on 1 1/2 practice tests and went to bed at a decent hour the night before the test. I did not practice under timed conditions b/c as mentioned earlier there is no rush to answer during the test as there is with the MBE.

Lastly, don't skimp on reviewing the ethics rules for judges. The year I took the test there were quite a few questions on that subject.

Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

Nationwide MBE results out. National Mean = 145.60, scaled. Range of scaled scores => 77 - 190.1. Much higher than Feb 08, so if CA keeps its pass rate at the July typical 58%, scores that would have passed on the Feb 08 CBX won't pass for July. Too, too bad, for many, including (probably) me.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if it's a good omen or not, but both of my chronic bar failure friends in NV passed the July bar this year after 3 and 4 failed attempts. Neither one thought he passed coming out of the exam. Got some real happy guys here, hope you will be too.

Anonymous said...

''Anonymous said...
Nationwide MBE results out. National Mean = 145.60, scaled. Range of scaled scores => 77 - 190.1.''

Where do I find this info?

Anonymous said...

''Anonymous said...
Nationwide MBE results out. National Mean = 145.60, scaled. Range of scaled scores => 77 - 190.1.''

Where do I find this info?

Several State Bar websites provide this info when they list their results. For example, check PA's:

(pg 2, 2nd box, 4th line, shows these stats)