Thursday, February 26, 2009

One more thing ...

... (I know, I'm going to bed real soon. Really. Despite the fact that I won't be able to sleep for at least an hour or so after that) ...

Let's see, where was I?

Oh yeah, remember, there are people out there who won't take Thursday's essays until Friday. So, in honor of their commitment to their faith, we need to help them out by not revealing the subjects that are (were) tested tomorrow until they've had the same chance we had to be pleasantly surprised at whatever it is the Bar decides to throw at us on the last day of the exam.

Now, understand, I'm not pointing any fingers. But I can't help but think (can having recurring nightmares be called 'thinking') that my blurting out the subjects for the last day of the July 2007 exam on Thursday afternoon contributed to my non-passing score.

I didn't miss a passing score by very much the first time I took the exam, but I wasn't aware that some people weren't taking it on the same schedule as I was, and so I posted, in reasonable detail, all I could remember of the last day's essays. I'm not sure of the statistical probabilities, but I suspect some people who passed the July '07 exam owe their licenses to me.

This time, I want to owe MY license to me.

But perhaps I doth protest too much. After all, if I had done my job properly I would have passed on that first attempt and this would all be moot.

Begin Community Service Message

What's happening to me now (ranting aimlessly on this blog when I have much more important things to do) is the result of pushing too hard and getting too little sleep at a time when it's not wise to do either.

End Community Service Message

Going to bed now, I am.

Good luck tomorrow, everyone. And thank you very much for the good wishes. Appreciate it, I do.


Anonymous said...

Non-CA taker but is CA based on a curve so if Friday people (which didn't here were Friday takers) had a gist of the questions and did better, it can affect Thursday people's score???

Midwesterner in D.C. said...

Way to fight the good fight! Enjoy basking in the afterglow. This time is going to be it for you.

Anonymous said...

There are people who take their exam on Fridays instead of Thurs? I didn't know that!

Goodluck GP! Rooting for you!

Anonymous said...

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

Hey there - I think the folks who have testing accommodations have extra time which translates into pushing into Friday. Not sure but that's what I've heard.

Anonymous said...

Good luck to all of you taking it and just getting ready to wrap up (i'm on the east coast). CA test is tough, but trust me - it's passable.

Anonymous said...

Why would the bar give a test on thursday and then allow someone to take the same test on Friday as a special accomodation? I think we all need to get off the caffeine.

Anonymous said...

These bar candidates fall under the "special testing accomodations" category. They receive extra time because of some medical problems. I had a few friends who had been granted extra time; some took it in six days because they had 20 minutes extras for EACH essay which meant they had to take it in 6 days or some had 10minutes and just ended later. It varies. There are some that blind and they needed someone to read it and even type the answers.
Regardless, I found GP comments truly selfish. Its bad karma that you can't help a fellow bar candidate. LETS FACE IT, if we all had a hint we take it in a heart beat. I know I gave several of my friends the questions and you know what, it didn't help at all. Frankly, knowing the questions doesn't give you a better opportunity to ass because as you know, you don't know the right or wrong answers.
Besides, its bad karma GP. I had so much faith in you too. For those of you who went into the bar praying that a certain subject wasn't going to be on it is not ready to pass the bar. Your attitude should have been, "bring it on I am ready." That is the difference between those who passed and those who didn't.
Best of luck anyway. IF you didn't pass I suggest you find some ailment and get that extra time and I bet you still wouldn't pass.

Anonymous said...

Wow, the above comment is poorly written and wholly incoherent. I truly hope the above author isnt a member of the bar..truly brings us all down.

GP - congrats on finishing. As you know the bar exam is a mental and physical strain - already heard of several people who walked out during the MBEs.

With regard to sharing questions before Friday's exam, you are unequivocally doing the right and ethical thing by not sharing. The above comment is likely written by an individual who was totally unprepared to take the exam, and would relish in the fact to have an advantage over his or her fellow exam takers.

Having taken the exam twice (passed Feb. '08) I say without hesitation that under no circumstances would I have ever wanted to know the questions or the subject matter ahead of time so I could 'further prepare' the night before. It would have put a stain on the entire journey.

GP, you have been legging this out for FOUR (I think..) bar exams now. Your determination is something to be admired by all. Stay the course, you'll get there soon enough good sir.

Its been a pleasure reading your blog these past few years..

Anonymous said...

Well only in regard to the experience, le me say wasn't that fun! I was surprised a bit but not too surprised. I saw, adapted an then I'm hoping I overcame the bar. Blew up a bit on Tuesday afternoon. Too much sugar at lunch and then the big bonk, but otherwise it went...I can't say well . It just went. Nothing to kick myself over besides screwing up a bit on the first PT. Hope were all among the passers on May 15.

Anonymous said...

Uh, to the loser who gave the tests to his/her friends, it doesn't take much to admit you're a cheat on an anon blog, so how about giving us your bar number--then we'll see what you're made of. If you are that corrupt as a bar taker, I can only guess the depths of deceit you'll sink to in practice. $10 says you didn't give the answers to anyone and if you you did and they didn't benefit from your actions, they had no business sitting for the exam in the first place.

Anonymous said...

To the poster above,

"For those of you who went into the bar praying that a certain subject wasn't going to be on it is not ready to pass the bar. "

I don't even think you are a practicing attorney. Everyone has a weakness or two, and I would bet a million bucks that knowing the questions just 5 hours before the bar can make a difference.

I just don't understand why people who passed the bar would act as if they passed by 200 points. Look at the figure, the stat speaks for itself.

Anonymous said...

To Mr. 12:49 am, I agree wholly with the comment made. I worked incredibly hard on my 4th attempt, harder than ever before and I had the attitude that whatever subject they give I'm going to love it. That's called being fully prepared. Obviously, many applicants pass the exam without full preparation, but at that point luck plays a major role. I came here to pass, not to get lucky!