Sunday, June 7, 2009

Okay, Fine, There You Go.

That took about 30 minutes, so I don't want to hear no complainin' outta' youse guys.


Anonymous said...

Thanks GP your response was very timely!

Anonymous said...

I like it better. The old one displayed nanonseconds or something with the numbers changing ultrafast. This new one, with seconds the smallest unit, is more calming.

Anonymous said...


legis said...

Good counter!

Anonymous said...

Nobody thinks it was a waste of time to search for and install a counter (again)?

GP do yourself a favor and focus this time.

Louis said...

This is my first time posting to you. I followed your blog through my many attempts to pass the CA bar. I hope your 5th time is as successful as my 5th time was. Yes, I passed on the 5th try. Keep trying. No matter what happens in your legal career passing the bar will always be a grand achievement.

Anonymous said...

I too passed on the fifth try. If you really want this GP you have to keep at it. However, from my end, I gave up a lot. I have no children, but I am an attorney in another state, bill 2000 hours a year and barely saw my husband for two and a half years. Am I glad I did it, yes. I had many people tell me to be satisfied with what I had already a/k/a you already are an attorney so why bother to take the CA bar. I had others say maybe I wasn't "cut out" for it, like I have seen people say to you on this blog.

From my perspective, it was a huge sacrifice. However, I was born and raised in CA and lived many years before I left there to move east. I am so glad to say that now I can move home when I am ready.

If this is what you want, you should continue on your quest. Just make sure you put your family as a priority and don't lose sight of that. If you do, all of this becomes worthless.

Good luck to you GP and the other repeaters. Failing isn't what people make it out to be. It just means you have to figure out what is keeping you from passing. In my case it wasn't smarts, I had a ton of fear about the exam. Once I worked through that, I passed.

Take care and all the best to you.

Blogger said...

We all have little neurotic little habits and OCD tendencies, things that we need to do in order to calm us that are completely unrelated to the bar exam, but make us mentally prepared and settled to study better.

I don't care if you had to find another counter, sing "Baby Got Back," make love to your wife every third day at 4:17 p.m., do 500 situps every night, keep $.73 cents in your left pocket, or whatever it is that you have to do - just do it so you can get done the thing you have to do, which is pass the bar.

I'll admit that mine was having a theme song, a country song about how he beat me once, but now I'm going home to load my shotgun, he got me once, now I'm going to get him. My vengance on the bar exam. I also had to eat the same thing for breakfast and lunch during the bar exam - Cheerios with milk and a half a Naked Juice, and PB&J, Baked Lays, the other half of the Naked Juice and a Red Bull for lunch.

Do whatever works. Everyone else can suck it...she said sweetly. ;-)

The Grand Poobah said...

Blogger: Howdy, Neighbor! Congrats on the depo thing. It sounds like you're transitioning quite well from the Para- to the Legal. (;-)>

I'll be there soon (knocking on my wooden head)!

I think I'll have to work some new neurotic habits and tendencies. The ones I've been employing thus far have not served me well. It should be easy. I'm one big neurotic mess right now anyway!

Blogger said...

Thanks, neighbor! I've been working my ass off, pretty much 7 days a week, and on top of that I'm trying to put a social life together. I'm tired of being single.

But there is something reassuring about having a routine, something familiar. You have less to focus on because you (1) have something under your control, and (2) know that something will come out as planned.

So, neurotic? Yes. Mess? Less than you think.

I absolutely believe in you, and you'll be bitching about depositions, unethical opposing counsel, discovery motions, meet and confer letters, and difficult clients in no time. :-) Email me if I can be of any help, even if you just need to vent. And if you want to call, email and I'll give you my number.

Best, your neighbor.

Anonymous said...

to june 13 at 8:05am...obviously whatever GP has been doing hasn't worked. That's why a few people have weighed in with passing experience and helpful hints. So no we don't need to suck - sweetly or not.

Blogger said...

Wow, I guess reading skills aren't nearly as common as I had previously thought. My mistake.

And, no, many people have not "weighed in with passing experience and helpful hints." They have, in large part, been hurtful, hateful, and downright mean. To those people, I will reiterate - those mean-spirited, hateful people can suck it. Negativity is not the way to pass the bar, nor is it a way to practice law.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
The Grand Poobah said...

Alrighty then ...

Don't make me put someone in timeout. ad hominem attacks are not good things, counselors. Surely we can come up with better ways to express ourselves, eh?

Anonymous said...

Okay then GP. Blogger at 6:34 says - "...reading skills aren't nearly as common." and then misquotes the earlier post by saying, "And, no, many people have not "weighed in..." -- when a quick read straight up says - "a few people have weighed in..."

So exactly who is making the ad hominem argument?
If an ad hominem argument is not based on the substance, but as a personal attack, then I suggest blogger is doing the same.

Regardless good luck to you.

The Grand Poobah said...

Did I say "ad hominum"? ACK! I meant to say "hominy grits"!


Whatever. Regardless, I don't mind a little argument. After all, what are we in this for if it's not to be argumentative at times (most of the time?)

But one thing I've become less accepting of over the years, and, sadly, it has been years that I've been doing this, is name calling and such. It just bugs. So, I removed that post. It's not permanently removed, it's just not visible.

I am spending much less time maintaining this thing now, not that it takes a ton of maintenance, but I know that I've said some things over the years in anger, or irritation, that I wish I could take back, and I simply felt that I'd prefer to take that one comment back for its anonymous author. Now, if I knew the author I might be inclined to leave it up there. (;-)>

Anyway, please understand, I value the discussions in the comments, it's just that, in the mood that I've been in lately, I felt that I should remove that one. I've left the comments pretty open since I started this thing and I don't want to clamp down on them but, like a well tended garden, I do need to do a bit of trimming now and then.

Much thanks,


By the way, if anyone has anything they want to say that'll not be visible to everyone, feel free to send me an e-mail directly. The address is in my profile.

Anonymous said...

How is your studying coming along? Have you hired someone to read your essays? I am studying again and have been since March. I feel burnt out but taking a break is not an option. Besides, I don't enjoy myself when I am away from my books.

Any advice?

The Grand Poobah said...

I no longer feel qualified to render any advice about any part of this exam to anyone.

Maybe some other wise soul will chime in here...

Anonymous said...

Oh GP!

You are as qualified as anyone! People who pass think they did so with flying colors especially if they are a repeater. one will never know. Your mbe scores are amazing! You will pass!
So share!