Saturday, June 6, 2009

Time for a New Timer?

It looks like the website behind my old timer went bust. I downloaded the code from a site that provided free flash modules to paste into your blog, but the code had to link back to their site to work properly. That didn't seem to be problematic, so I let it do its thing. Now, though, the site,, has disappeared.

I'm probably not going to track down another one because I'm kind of burying myself in my preparations for this exam. I've gotten serious about changing what's wrong with my writing and, with everything else I've got to do, I'm not inclined to take the time to find a new timer.

I reserve the right, however, to change my mind about that.


Anonymous said...

Without the clock I might forget to show up for the exam. I might be a week late. Help!

Anonymous said...

DOES ANYone know the bar review course that just reads essays??

Blogger said...

Anonymous 8:08, you must not have been paying attention to a lot of the other posts on many of the other comments, blogs, etc. But I'm not one to judge, especially judge one who is going through this misery.

I highly recommend Bar Graders. They only do essays and/or PT's. And I credit them for helping me pass the essays (and John Holtz for helping me pass the PT's, but he also gave good advice on essays as well).

And as far as Bar Graders goes, I recommend buying a pack of essays to do on your own, but also going to one of their in-class seminars that is like 3 days or something. I think that combination is what made the difference in my case.

Best of luck!