Friday, July 10, 2009

Went to Steven Emanuel's Orange County MBE Refresher Today

It was the first day of his three-day brush-up before the actual exam. Today was the simulated MBE - 100 questions in the morning and 100 questions in the afternoon. I was unsure of how much I would get out of this because I do pretty well on the MBE part of the bar exam, but I've only done a couple hundred practice questions since last February so I figured I needed to see where I stood.

As it turns out, I'm not doing too bad. I got 150 of the 200 correct, and I only saw about 20 questions that were familiar. The next two days are lectures and review of the questions. This is going to be interesting because I know there's a bunch of MBE trivia that I forgot over the last 5 months.

These last couple of weeks before the exam are going to be crammed with essay writing, issue spotting, rule memorization, PT writing/review, and a fair amount of MBE practice. I know what you're thinking, that the time for all the intensive work has passed, but what works for most normal people doesn't work for me. Or, at least, it hasn't in the past. What's the definition of insanity again ...?

On the positive side, I think I've figured out what's wrong with my writing. But I won't talk too much about that until November when I find out whether I actually did figure it out, or whether I just found another color of lipstick to stick on this decrepit old pig.

So, there ya' go.

Back at it, I am now.


Anonymous said...

Good luck GP! I am also plugging away, studying as best I can. We can both do it.

Anonymous said...

Rock on. Sound like you are ready to kill it.

Anonymous said...

GP and all other CA bar exam candidates...there really is no such thing as a secret to passing this exam...the only way you will ever pass this exam is by becoming proficient at 1)reading facts 2)understanding facts 3)being able to outline facts 4)and most importantly analyze the shit out of those facts 5)in a lawyerly one will ever pass the CA bar exam by just memorizing their !@#$%^& outlines and reciting the black letter law into a vacum...allow yourself to become a believer that the only way that you will pass is if you allow yourself to go upclose and personal with each and every fact that is given to you by the bar examiner...good luck to all

kris said...

sounds like you're in the zone and keeping your focus and discipline.

And, given your great scores last time, well done for not taking the MBEs for granted.

Dig deep and you will nail it this time!

Anonymous said...

Good luck. I'd focus on memorization the next 2 weeks and not so much on MBE.

Anonymous said...

any predictions?

Anonymous said...

any predictions?

July 13, 2009 11:00 PM

YES, you are probably going to FAAIIILLLL since you are looking for some!!!!!

KNOW EVERYTHING you big wanker......

Anonymous said...

anon 8:46 posted an asinine remark.

direct your hatred towards people who helped you become the self-loathing person you are today - start with your close friends and family.

The Grand Poobah said...

My take on predictions? I give them just about as much credibility as I do the cute little things written inside fortune cookies. Sure, they'll come true, some day, maybe today, maybe tomorrow, maybe even when you really really need them to - but it would be folly to depend on them with so much at stake. Because while at their core they're based on a kernel of truth they're based on a past truth, not a future truth.

Or something to that effect.

Bottom line, they can't be relied upon for anything more than their entertainment value.

Having said that ....

No one at the Emanuel program offered any predictions, but, someone else (who shall remain nameless to protect our integrity (unless he nails them all)), predicted in a general way, the following, in decreasing order of likelihood:

Let's see if I can read my writing ...

Professional Responsibility
Real Property
Constitutional Law
Community Property
Civil Procedure
Criminal Law/Procedure

So there you go. Anyone could have predicted that, right? Which is exactly the point. This guy is reputable, but no one can rely on predictions.

Study everything.

Brook Davis said...

GP I got the Emanuel Bar in a Box which is substantially the MBE review program. I have to say that I'm impressed with the content (lectures are better than the old PMBR ones although I miss hearing "OK gang" every 3 minutes) and the questions.

My writing course has given me some perspective I never had before so I'm practicing "weaving the law and facts together" instead of flashcards and condensing outlines.

Smart. Not hard.

See you on the other side my friend!

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you and all the bar studiers right now. I work at a law library here in CA and I'm seeing the panicked look the I remember so well from when I took the CBX in July 07 (passed but decided not to practice). I am really rooting for you and admire your perserverance. Go get 'em!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever done the NCBEX's realeased two part MBE questions. My study group simulated all 200 Qs. I got 161 but I am not sure if should give it any weight. Are those Qs easier than the actual MBE Qs? I would appreciate any feedback.

Anonymous said...

Know these topics COLD! Make sure you can SPOT them and be able to ANALYZE them!

Torts: Negligence
Torts: Defamation
Torts: Products Liability
Torts: Privacy
Torts: Vicarious Liability
Contracts: General Approach to all Contracts Questions
Contracts: Contracts Formation
Evidence: Relevance
Evidence: Hearsay
Evidence: Character
Evidence: Objections
Property: Deeds
Property: Easements
Property: Landlord-Tenant General Approach
Property: Covenants and Servitudes
Constitutional Law: Standing and State Action
Constitutional Law: Speech
Constitutional Law: Religion (Establishment Clause and Free Exercise)
Constitutional Law: Equal Protection
Constitutional Law: Substantive Due Process
Constitutional Law: The Dormant Commerce Clause
Criminal Law: Murder
Criminal Procedure: Search and Seizure (4 th & 5 th Amendments)
Criminal Procedure: Incriminating Statements (5 th & 14 th Amendments)
Civil Procedure: Personal Jurisdiction
Civil Procedure: Subject Matter Jurisdiction
Civil Procedure: The Erie Doctrine
Civil Procedure: Joinder
Corporations: 10(b)(5)
Corporation: Duties of Care and Loyalty
Professional Responsibility: Conflicts of Interest
Remedies: Injunctive Relief
Remedies: Specific Performance
Community Property: General Approach to all Questions
Community Property: Van Camp/Pereira
Wills: Will Formation
Trusts: Trusts
Agency: Agency for Contracts
Partnership: Partnership

I mean COOLLLDDDD!!!!!

Beth said...

Ugh!!! I've been reading your blog for sometime now and I can't believe that you are wasting so much time on your MBEs!!! You did pretty well on them last time, but bombed the essays! If I were you, I'd be writing 3 essays a day!!!
I really hope you pass but you seem like me the first time I took the CA bar (passed on the second time). I was afraid of the essays so I wrote like 3. I did really well on the MBE practice tests so i just kept doing them because doing well on them boosted my confidence. However, an amazing MBE score can NEVER result in passing the bar if your PTs and Essays are awful!

That being said...GOOD LUCK!!!

The Grand Poobah said...

Worry not♠, Beth. When I'm not working on memorization, I'm writing at least two essays per day. And I'm going to write at least two more PTs.

MBEs are getting about 5% of my attention right now. I'll hit 'em again Tuesday night on Exam week, but for now, they're on the back burner.

Bartaker said...

Grand Phooba:

What are you doing to get such high mbe scores? I can't break 110. What is your secret?