Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Scores? I Don't Need No Stinkin' Scores!

Well, that's not exactly true.  I do need scores.  I just don't need to know what they are.

Let this be a lesson to all y'all (but I know you don't need it.)  This is what happens when you (well, me, anyway) only study for two distracted weeks before a bar exam.

To make myself feel marginally better I'll remind myself that I got into re-read for July 2009. 

Brace yourself, and make sure the kids' eyes are covered. 

Rounded up, I got a 1333. 

Four 55's, a 50 and a 60 on the essays; two 60s on the PTs; and a raw 130 on the MBEs. 

Blah is the word.

On the bright side, for the July exam I'm being aided by a very reputable and competent tutor (who shall, for now, remain nameless, for his protection, mostly, unless I pass, in which case ...)

Now I must get busy.  Let's see ... where did I put my old outlines ...


Anonymous said...

whoa only a 1333? That must have been a very rough scale. Your scores plugged into the July 2008 scale adds up to 1368. (you can plug them in on one-timers website) HUGE Difference. Februrary tests really are harder

legis said...

Being from NY and having no intention of ever taking CA, I don't really understand the scoring, but it appears as though you were rather far off. When I landed about 30 points away from passing in Feb 2009 after taking the test all those times, I got fed up. I threw the approaches I was using aside and joined up with a class that taught me a new approach. And actually it required a big leap of faith for me because it required working with less (but more focused) material. It was quite different from what I'd been doing. I had no idea whether what I was doing was going to have any positive impact or make my scores even worse. But that is when I finally broke an MBE barrier and passed another jxn. It made me wish I had time at that point to study better for NY. Perhaps I could have passed then. Or at least gotten as close as I did this past February.

Keep going. Alter your approach. Practice all sections of the exam. Trust in your tutor. Give this test the time and dedication it demands. You can do it!

Anonymous said...


What do you mean by: "And actually it required a big leap of faith for me because it required working with less (but more focused) material. It was quite different from what I'd been doing."

Thanks for your response to this question.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, you'll do it, I know.
Listen, not to toot my own horn but I've failed several times in several jurisdictions now (but most in California)
I went to an ABA approved CA law school, did well and am a smart dude like you.
I have a family, little daughter, and full time job in law- like you.

I know, yes know, that I will pass this bad boy. I am not takin' July, but that is due to finances, so best of success GP, I'm with you in spirit.

I know that all the smart money out there will tell you and me what to do and try to keep us down, but I'm not worried anymore about anything. I believe in my heart that I will do this, regardless of anyone or anything.
(I know you will too.)

So, good luck on the outlines, I'm goin' over them, the MBEs, Essays, PMBR, PT, showin' my cruddy essays to smart lawyers here to get roasted properly, and living my life.

There is light at the end of this tunnel, and it is in the sparkle of my child's eyes, who loves me no matter what, but who someday I will treat real fine, simply because I spent my 40's getting over the bar hump.

Cheers to you, cause I know no matter what you won't settle for anything less either, which in the end makes us the Champions of the World over any of the big bad attorneys and firms out there.

Good luck brother this summer! :)

Anonymous said...

amen to the last post

Anonymous said...

This whole "family and other obligations" argument is very TTT.

Many lawyers who pass on the first time are balancing work, family, and other obligations.

Stop making excuses. This profession demands a certain level of competency and willingness to sacrifice certain time and effort.

The Grand Poobah said...

anon 10:45: So, what, we should just shut up and keep our heads down until we pass? We can't talk amongst ourselves? Who made you the boss of all of us? (;-)> Can you honestly tell me that you and your classmates never bitched among yourselves about the various hardships you endured while in law school and during your studies for the bar exam? And do you believe that because you have passed the bar exam (I'm assuming, for the sake of argument) that you now have the authority to tell us to quit complaining about crap? Us peons should just shut up, sit down, be quiet and suffer in silence so ... what, so you can get some work done? If you have work to do, get lost. Go do it. If you don't have work to do then go get a haircut and get a real job. I'm quite sure that sniping at people making comments on a blog doesn't pay real well. And if you are at work, pray that I don't track your IP address back to your desk and let your boss know what he's paying you to do. After all, you should remember that I did spend 23+ years in the field of Information Technology. So far, I haven't bothered to track even the most caustic people who post here. After three years, however, my patience, and my tolerance, is wearing thin.

And, yes, that’s a threat. To you and all your ilk.

Cobra Kai said...

way to fight back, GP!

these haters need to get a life and stop their negativity. funny how people are all tough online but would NEVER talk like that in person.

Anonymous said...

Looks like anon 10:45 was on mid morning recess when he or she posted. The desks in elementary school can be very cramped so that probably accounts for the anger of anon 10:45.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps anon 10:45 was on mid morning recess when he or she posted. The desks in elementary school can be very cramped so that could account for the anger of anon 10:45.

legis said...

anon @8:35am:

Basically what i meant is I threw out (figuratively, LOL) all the other extra stuff I was using (Micromash, PMBR, PLI, what have you) and I used only Barbri and used the Barwrite course materials to focus my study on the most important areas of study. This was the only thing that made a difference in my scores.

The most important thing is not to practice a zillion questions but to keep stockpiling your knowledge of the black letter law. It's easier to do this when you do this in the areas the examiners consider most important. Regarding practice, what's more important than quantity is 1) consistency - doing it every day and 2) close, careful analysis. Analyze the heck out of everything you do, whether it's MBE or essay.

Just my .02. Really helped me in the out of state jxn, and helped me raise my NY scores.

Anonymous said...

You go, pooh bear!

I'm quite sure that sniping at people making comments on a blog doesn't pay real well.

Hahahhah :)

Anonymous said...


I've said this to you before, the same thing that made me pass on round 4, and my friends did it and passed on rounds 5 and 8. Write essays. And then write more. I wrote over 80 essays uunder strict timed conditions and usually 3 in a row, or at least 2 back to back. I mastered the essays and until you do the same, it's not worth your time to take the test again. don't even go. You need to get 75s on those essays and you're no where near cloase. Probably leaving out TONS of issues. Off on your timing. On the recent defamation essay, I mentioned just about every rule laid out in the barbri. For instance, libel per se vs. libel per quod...these are worth mentioning. An exception to an exception must be mentioned even if only in passing in order to show it's a losing argument to Defendant's better postured application of the first exception. Good luck

The Grand Poobah said...

Anon 10:06: I've understood that, but I've not been able (or willing) to do it. This time, however, my financial house is in order. Starting next week I'll be able to dedicate the vast majority of my time until the exam to writing essays (and everything else.)

The obstacles I've faced in the past have been substantially resolved. This will be my best shot.

Anonymous said...

Your mbe scores rock! Just practice those essays! YOU WILL DO IT!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Poobah what advice can you give for MBEs that is my weak point. If I had gotten your MBE score I would have passed. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

How have your family and loved ones handled your journey? Keep up the hard work. You can pass!

Anonymous said...

GP can you disclose on what area did you get the 60 ont he essays,was it the community property question? I have not gotten my score, so Im trying to figure out if every got a better score in that particular essay cuz I thought it was the easiest of them all. thanks

Anonymous said...


You know in your heart of hearts that you have the potential. I've seen your essays and PT's and they can absolutely be turned into 70's and 75's with some fine-tuning. The mbe's have always been your friend.
Just be sure about that tutor. This is the most important week of all to make that all-important selection. Please don't pick someone who is going to completely change your writing. You have what it takes. Just believe in yourself.

LA Medmal Lawyer said...

Your post about not tracking down people who post their negativity here was a bit disturbing. Every second you spent responding was one less devoted to passing the bar exam. Stop wasting your time posting nonsense and hit the books..
Truly Yours,
Someone who had as many obligations as you and who devoted his life to passing the bar (and did the first time)

The Grand Poobah said...

LA Medmal: You might not have noticed how many of those types of comments have been left on this blog over the past couple of years (and, yes, I understand the implication inherent in the words "past couple of years"), but if you had you would know that I've actually responded directly to less than 1% of them. So while I appreciate your advice ...

kris said...

"The only way to get my license is to take the exam until I pass".

I would suggest the only way to pass the exam is to give yourself the time to prepare.

Anonymous said...

I admire your persistence. I have been following your CBX journey for the past year. I passed the July/2009 CBX. I have no doubt that, with the proper preparation, you will beat this exam. This exam does not reflect the taker, it only represents an obstacle the taker must overcome. One, which I am happy do be done with and know you will too. Good luck from a fan from NYC.

Anonymous said...

Interesting observation about tutors. I have a friend who does outrageously well on the PTs.
She decided to use a tutor who had my friend change just about everything. Well, whaddya know? My friend's score on the PTs tanked.

I don't know why this happens, but it does. Same thing for me. I had a 1426--hired a tutor to get over the hurdle to the 1441+ crowd, took the exam and tanked. Dropped about 65 points on essays.

Remember that, GP. I don't think there is a thing wrong with your writing. Make sure you get the issues--really understand the law.

A case in point was that takings essay in Feb 2010. You hade to really understand the law to got through it.

Like someone said up there.. make sure you give yourself the TIME to prepare well.

Anonymous said...

Quit using a computer to take the exam, seems to me a huge source of distraction to a computer expert like yourself, too much "overhead" you can't afford. Try pen and paper this time, what do you stand to lose?

What are your thoughts on this?

sfcityman said...

GP-love your blog. Hang in there. The first time I took the bar exam I scored just over 1200. I took fen 2010 and missed by 8 points because my mbe was so low. I've followed your posts and see you have scored high on the mbe's previously. Thus, you know the law and the 55's were likely a result of a failure to issue spot. I too had this problem. I'm sitting this summer as well. For issue spointing deficiences, I have just grabbed as many essays as possible and do them. I might write 2-3 and then outline 3-4 which is 5-7 essays per day. Do youhave any thoughts on MBE prep.? I have decided to do a small numebr and really work on the explanations...best