Friday, May 21, 2010

Comments? I Don't Need No Stinkin' Comments!

In fact, regrettably, I probably don't even need the sweet-smelling comments.

As such, I'm no longer going to have them automatically emailed to me.  At the risk of having the comments section run amok I'm going to give myself a little peace and quiet.  I've decided to do this rather than to shut them down completely.  I know that by doing this I'm inviting a flood of (unseen by me) comments telling me it's about time I pulled the plug on that "distraction".  And while I know that observation is true and appropriate, I also know that to make the argument that I've only responded to a relatively small percentage of them, and then only in my spare time, will fall on deaf ears, so I'm going to turn a deaf ear to them (;-)> by not giving them legs.

Anyone who wants or needs to get in touch with me knows how to do that.  And please, if the comment section really does start to run amok, I would appreciate it if someone notifies me directly so I can clean it up, restrict it, or shut it down.

Cheers, all!


probatur denuo said...

Very good idea. I didn't know the settings were having the comments emailed to you. That would be incredibly distracting.

Good luck to you GP!

Anonymous said...

Thanks GP. Took me 4 tris: 1398, 1428, 1432, pass. If it wasn't for this site I would have felt like I was the only one and would have lost hope.


Anonymous said...

Hey there -- I am in my third decade of practicing law -- it took me 4 tries too to pass CA.... I had been licensed elsewhere, and took the exam as a more mature atty. Had practiced for years - and had to pull deep within to pass CA on time #4. You are very inspiring - it is so unfortunate that there are bitter, pathetic, small, and dictatorial folks who are so incredibly negative. I have truly not seen anything like it. Your friends are your friends, and who will never cease believing in you. You will definitely do this. Be well... :)

Anonymous said...

The people that write nasty, unprovoked comments must be jealous of you in some way. Or maybe just crazy, lots of those in internetland. Heck, lots in real life too :)

Anonymous said...

Who has the time or energy to offer crap? What is wrong with that sicko???

GP, DO NOT DESPAIR! I too changed scenes to San Francisco in my 3rd or 5th try, then San Diego, then back to Ontario and now Pasadena. The lawyers and judges I work for assure me I'm a great lawyer. You know what I'm talking about. It's about the work, and lot's of luck. Last time you couldn't put the study time in. PERIOD!!!! Now you will.
To the virgins out there or the 3rd, 4th time triers, LUCKY YOU!!! Repeated unsuccessful attempts weigh heavily on your soul, so don't blab about it like it's the only bad thing in the world. Try 8 times or more and NOT giving up. Talk to the judges who admitt taking the bar for a decade! I know many triers give up, and I only feel for them.
BESTS TO YOU GP. Don't give up!

Anonymous said...

thanks anonymous! I needed to hear that on my 4th time now!

Anonymous said...

I have a question for you, GP. Are you a handwriter or laptopper? I am a handwriter, and think handwriting has disadvantage. Is it still possible to change the application in LA area? I heard that Ontario laptopping application was already filled.

Anonymous said...

5th time was the charm for me. Naysayers obviously haven't been thru the process, and I was a bit older when I began law school and my round of bar exams.

Anonymous said...

Hey GP! Ive been looking at your site since 2007 when I took my second bar (passed another bar and then took the Cali bar). I'm not sure what's going on, but one thing I do suggest is you need to remove all distractions and just focus on the exam. My girlfriend at the time failed numerous times because she just couldn't concentrate! After she failed, I forced her to remove the internet and everything else. I also forced her to attend every class of her bar exam class. She passed, but I'll tell you it was hard for her to break some of her bad habits. You need to break those bad habits and fully concentrate. I would recommend that you quit your job if you can do so.

Best of luck! Your number one fan!