Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Free Outlines! Limited Time Offer! Jason Tolerico's Updated CA Subject Outlines! Did I mention that they're FREE!

I was asked again last week for my opinion about Jason Tolerico’s outlines.  My challenge in rendering such an opinion is that I didn’t really get a chance to use his outlines in depth when I was in his program because at that time he hadn't completed them for all of the subjects.  The ones he did have completed, however, were excellent.  I found that the biggest difference between Jason’s outlines and the other ones I’ve used is that Jason provides more than a simple list of the issues, rules and elements – he cites actual cases so you can see how the rules are used in real life and he provides links to statutes so you can look at the source of what you are learning.  Seeing this stuff in context made a huge difference to me.   

Anyway, when I asked him how his updates were coming along he went ahead and sent me his outlines for the CA subjects.  Man, I can’t believe how hard this guy works on this stuff. You can tell he has pride in ownership.  He should, of course, because his reputation is on the line, but he’s really done a great job on these.  They're clear and concise, they tell you when each individual concept was tested last, and they show how frequently those issues show up on the exam. 

As we talked, Jason mentioned to me that he was thinking about using his outlines as a marketing tool for his One-Timers bar prep program and I came up with the bright idea of using the readers of my blog as guinea pigs ... um, intelligent and willing test subjects(!) to get valuable and honest feedback on them.  

So we came up with this idea - Jason has offered to send a set of his updated outlines for the CA subjects to anyone who requests them, but you have to mention in your email that I referred you.  His email address is jtlaws@gmail.com.  In exchange for his outlines he asks you to return to my blog and post your thoughts, comments, opinions, and critiques on them.  It seems like a fair trade off – he gets free publicity and you get free outlines. 

I know I’ve given Jason a lot of free advertising here over the past couple of years, but it’s justified because he was the reason I passed the CA bar exam.  And now that I don’t have the time to blog properly I am very comfortable using my blog to refer people to his program.  So send Jason an email today, mention me (the Grand Poobah!), and get a free set of his most excellent outlines for the CA subjects.

In the end, anyone who is serious about passing the CA Bar Exam should seriously consider Jason’s One-Timers program.  It worked for me.

Oh, one more thing, this is a limited time offer - it's only available until whatever day the February 2014 CA bar exam starts.  So get 'em while they're hot!


Anonymous said...

Free copy of the Big Cat Outlines too? HA!!!!!!!

Thanks GP! Even as a lawyer you continue to show much love for your every-taking-bar-exam bretheren. You are a gentleman and a scholar sir!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The best word to use to describe the One-Timers Outlines is – FOCUSED. Plain and simple, the outlines contain accessible content that is designed to cut through the minutia and focus on the information that matters most.

After reviewing the outlines my expectations about the exam improved. The disadvantage that I felt at having graduated law school over 10 years ago has now been replaced by a feeling that I can and will pass this exam. The outlines are allowing me to focus on the information that I need to know in order to work toward my ultimate goal of passing the bar exam.

Standout features:

1. The One-Timers Outlines are organized in a manner that makes sense. I am happy to say that they are not verbatim regurgitations of the NCBE outlines with cursory mentions of CA. I am sure that I am not the only person who, in the past, has been lulled into purchasing a study program that represents their outlines as being the key to bar prep success only to find that they’ve just purchased bound copies of the NCBE outlines in a different font!

2. The One-Timers Outlines are structured to provide well-organized summaries of the law (with CA specifics/differentiations addressed when applicable). They also include information on “what to expect” on the exam and “when the topic was last tested.” The last tested section is especially helpful for repeaters reviewing previous essays.

3. The body of each outline is formatted in a welcoming and readable manner. With focus being key, the outlines also have tips, hot topic indicators, memory aids, essay tips and comparison tables. It was also refreshing to see that the memory aids were not overly long mnemonics that are difficult (if not impossible) to remember or recall during the exam.

The One-Timers Outlines take away the “overwhelmed and stressed” feelings that occur during bar exam prep. They don’t make me want to yawn in frustration but really make me want to read, digest and apply through practice.

Thank you Jason Tolerico for generously sharing your outlines!

The Grand Poobah said...

Anon 12:24: Thanks! I really do feel like all of you are part of my family. We have a common bond in our struggle to pass the bar exam. I've always taken great satisfaction from helping others whether they're stuck in a parking lot with a dead battery or stuck trying to pass the exam so it pleases me greatly when another one of us passes.

Regarding the cat, I haven't heard from it since shortly after I passed. I still don't have any idea who that was and it wasn't willing to cough up its identity after it was all over.

Anon 11:12: Thanks for following through. You're the first (of many, I hope!)

Anonymous said...

I have just received a copy of the outlines from Jason. The One Timers Outline have have the following strengths:

There are relatively focused.
The areas of law covered are narrowly tailored to the likely topics covered on the California Bar Exam. Moreover, the outlines intertwine essay application tips throughout.

The only weak point is that in the event that the CalBar decide to test a weird area, you would not be prepared. But on balance, these outlines are among the finest I have ever seen. I understand why GP recommends them.

Gigs said...


I stumbled on ur blog while searching for practical helpful advise on passing Cal Bar for repeat takers. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thx

Gigs said...

Thanks to your blog. I did get the free outlines. They are vere precise and to the point. In addition to that I also joined the MBE course by Jason Tolerico. The methodology of attempting the questions is very good.

Being a repeater of California bar, I have gone through Barbri, Kaplan and Celebration but the approach of Jason Tolerico is quite unique.

Thanks again.

bobbyoriole said...

Thanks to Jason for his outlines. I expect to take the bar next Feb. and these will certainly be part of my preparation. I like the focus and level of detail in them.

I've taken, and passed, two other bars. The first time I did one of those big expensive courses, which was too much. Next I did a self study which, although it worked, I could have used a bit of more direction with. Jason's outlines I think will help me achieve that happy medium. I recommend them!

J. Greene said...

I received the outlines from Jason for the California specific subjects. They were very well organized and thorough. I think they will aid in my bar preparation. I went ahead and purchased Jason's MBE review study because I was impressed with his outlines.

Rana M. said...

I received outlines from Jason too. I did not receive all the CA subject outlines because I missed the deadline. However, Jason was very generous and sent me five subject outlines of my choosing. I picked evidence, real property, business organizations, contracts, and civil procedure. Jason sent with the outlines an added bonus of three broken down bar questions and the model answers for each of those questions- pretty awesome! I took the Feb 2014 CA bar exam. This was my first time taking the exam and hopefully the last. I’m writing my review of the outlines before the results are released to ensure there is no suspicion of any bias. I primarily used Barbri. I liked Barbri and thought it was good but very intense. I also used Jason’s outlines for the subjects I mentioned earlier. If I had Jason’s outlines for the other subjects I would have used them because Jason’s outlines are the best I have ever seen and used. Seriously, they beat barbri by far! These outlines are built for the exam, they cut through all the legalese and get to the point. Which I loved! They are clear, concise, and have great rule statements. The rule statements are easy to commit to memory- which is critical because there is ALOT to memorize!!! The only issue I had with the outlines was that they were a "read only" license. Meaning, I was not able to copy, paste, or print them. Copy and pasting was not a big deal, but printing was an issue for me. I prefer hard copies because I like to circle, highlight and make notes in the margins, etc. I didn't buy the outlines because Jason was not selling them at the time. If he is selling them now, make sure to buy them! Whatever the outcome, thank you SO much Jason! Also, I want to thank "The Grand Poobah" because I wouldn't have known of Jason’s free offer but for your website. Lastly, best of luck to all you bar takers out there :)

Anonymous said...
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LLM immigrant said...

Can someone provide me with the outlines for New York Bar. I find these to be fantastic and happy to pay a reasonable fee. Please let me know asap as I am taking the July 2018 bar exam.