Sunday, November 24, 2013

Hey, Wasn't That ...

... the results for the July 2013 exam that went flashing by my window just now?   Man, if you aren't looking  for it, it just zips by without making a sound. 

I hope everyone passed!  

But I know that's not the case. 

Down, butterflies.  Down!  That's better.  Every time I think about the moment when I saw my results last year I get an attack of the butterflies.  Trust me when I say the post-passing butterflies are much friendlier to your stomach lining than the pre-test butterflies.  In fact, the pre-test butterflies were more like moths for me because they tended to eat holes in the lining of my stomach.  Bah.  Good riddance to those.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!


Randy Melendez said...

To my shock I passed. It was my 7th try. I feel bad for my fellow classmates who did not. When I reluctantly checked about 830 friday the screen did not look like it did the 6 times before.I was so shocked I had to walk around the block 3 times to calm down. I did get the outlines from mr Tolerico and was impressed and planned to use if I had to do it an 8th time.I hope good luck to everyone Randy Chino

Anonymous said...

GP - Kind of a stinky fish manuever. Your last post was not very sympathetic to your repeat-taker brothers and sisters. Too much talking nonsense about butterflies, and not enough empathy for those who - before you got so "high and mighty" - are going through the same thing that you went through.

I for one am done with this blog. Good day to you (and your attitude) sir.

Anonymous said...

I passed on the third try, and never lost hope thanks in part to this blog. Unfortunately, many of my good friends did not, so have been doing some consoling and telling them what I did differently.

Thanks for the help, GP! Good luck to everybody!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Melendez-Congratulations!!!
What did you do this time that resulted in your passing?
I have taken several times also.
Thank you.

Randy Melendez said...

What I did was to take an very critical look at what I wrote and compared it to the passing answers on the web site and what I found was that I always missed several issues. So this time I made a list of any issue that I saw even the remote issues and I tried to get to ever issue.Also I found that on the performance I did not exactly follow the instructions. The past answers I wrote in a general way. This time I specifically followed the instruction to the letter. I even addressed the memos to the requesting party. Anyone can email me at and will gladly go into more detail for you. I do know what the frustration feels like and am willing to help others.

Sean Valjean said...

I have a buddy who just got on his way to becoming a cambridge lawyer. It sounds like getting through the bar can be a pretty grueling task.

Anonymous said...

Crunch time GP. I'm feeling kind of stressed out. Any advice? I don't feel like i studied enough.

Don't make me try to find the Big Cat for guidance ;)

The Grand Poobah said...

Anon 7:37: For last minute studying I would recommend doing as many MBEs as you can. And when you can't handle any more MBEs, or you're getting at least 80% right, pick up Jason's outlines and read the rules for your least favorite subjects.

I know a lot of people recommend not studying on the Monday before the exam but I couldn't do that. It was tougher for me to do nothing, than it was to study.

Best of Luck!