Monday, November 18, 2013

The "Free Outlines" Offer Has Ended ...

... for now, at least.  Apparently quite a few people were impressed by them.  I suspect the offer may be reinstated at some point between the February Exam and the release of results, but all I know now is that the offer for free outlines has been withdrawn.  They can be purchased, of course,. but you'll have to contact Jason to get all of those details. 

On another note, Dustin Saiidi's book is available for those who cannot afford a full-blown bar prep program.  Dustin did not graduate near the top of his class yet he still passed the bar exam on his first attempt.  In his book he tells you how he prepared for his bar exam, and truth be told it sounds a lot like the approach I finally settled on.  Anyway, if you don't have the resources to spring for a full-blown bar prep program you might want to take a look at Dustin's book.  A link to Dustin's book is, or soon will be, in the top right corner of this blog.


Gigs said...

Thanks to your blog.
I did get Free outlines from Jason. They are great. I have been using it extensively and I also signed up for his MBE course. Jason is great in his approach on tackling this exam. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

I did receive free outlines as well, but unfortunately only had time to review 1. The outline was well organized and I liked that there were examples interspersed throughout. It would be a useful tool while studying.