Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Other Day a Newly Admitted Attorney Asked Me a Question About ...

... how to find a job.  She went to an out-of-state law school and so has no local network of law school buddies or attorney friends to help her out in her search for gainful employment.  She has an LLM in taxation so she definitely has skills, she just lacks a network in CA to help her find a job. 

And did I mention that she speaks three languages?  If I didn't, let me tell you that she speaks three languages.  I don't know what those languages are, but I suspect they're useful in California (i.e., not Portuguese, Latin, or the Language of the Ancients.)

So, if anyone has any useful suggestions on how a newly admitted attorney, who speaks three languages, and who has an LLM in taxation, can go about finding a job around these here parts, please leave them in the comments.

Your sage advice is muchly appreciated!

GP, Esq!


Jonathan Kramer said...


In which part of the state is she looking for work?

Big J

Brian Johnston said...

Hey Jonathan,

Southern California is her preference, but she went to school in San Francisco so she's open to something there.


Anonymous said...

J Cramer!! The Big Puma himself!!!

Anonymous said...

So I'm seeing this very, very late, but she should try to get reciprocity with a local law school's career services. That is what I do (though not licensed yet here in CA).