Friday, February 19, 2016

Good Luck to Everyone Next Week! (Especially to you, Farah!)

My buddy, Farah, is taking the exam next week (GOOD LUCK, FARAH!)  I know she'll do well because she studied with Jason Tolerico and all the other well-prepared students in his One-Timers California Bar Review course.

Happy Bar Exam Week, Everybody!


Anonymous said...

PC: Any thoughts on the attached article and lawsuit re: your law school. When I read this article I thought of you and thought your perspective would be most delightful.

-Your feline friend

The Grand Poobah said...

No thoughts, my friend, because that's not my law school. Close though, in a way ...

I graduated from Abraham Lincoln, but I'm sure Thomas Jefferson's school is cool too. :)

My school doesn't advertise it's bar passage rates. And I wouldn't have depended on them if it had. I believe my destiny is mine to control (if there is any control to be had over one's destiny).

But whichever law school I attended, I knew it was up to me alone to get past the bar exam.

Looking back, I think much of my challenge was derived from the facts that I was older and had developed my own way of thinking through problems and of resolving those problems. It took me a while to adapt.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Poobah Cat! I'm so embarrassed that I got the school wrong. That is my bad. Us kitties get confused by all these presidents :)

I'm so very happy and proud of you Poobah Cat for conquering the bar exam and all that you have accomplished since. Your future is furry indeed my capitalist friend!


Anonymous said...

Big Cat - You are and always will be a true idiot. You ruined this blog and the internet.

Law student said...

Thank u Grand Poohbah ... I received the outlines for my fist year .. I am also looking into working with one timers bar pass .. I am also in ALU .. Going into finals for 1st class ... Thank u for this posting as I have passed this along to my entire study group at ALU .... :)