Thursday, April 28, 2016

Shameless Plug

Hi Folks,

This is a "shameless plug" because I am advertising my legal practice and asking for referrals. 

My practice focuses on the recovery of civil money judgments.  After a judgment has been entered, and the losing party has been ordered to pay the winning party some amount of money, I use the legal remedies available to the winner to compel the loser to pay what he owes. 

Naturally the loser doesn't want to pay, so I levy bank accounts, garnish wages, take assignment of streams of income, seize and sell property, etc., in an effort to get the winning party's money back.

It's a tough proposition in this economy, so most judgment creditor's could use some help in getting this done. 

Lest you think ill of me for adding to the hardship of people who are already in dire financial straits, I don't enforce judgments against people who already have no money.  Besides, the old saying about not being able to squeeze blood from a turnip (or money from someone who is broke), is applicable here.  It costs money to enforce judgments, and another old saying is applicable in that I don't like to throw good money after bad.  As such, I focus on enforcing judgments against the bad actors who take advantage of others by not following through on their promises. 

For example, I recently recovered a $40,000 judgment for a company that performed work on a construction project but wasn't paid by the project owner.  The project owner had plenty of money, but thought he could save money by not paying the sub-contractor.  This happens all the time and I enjoy holding the bad actors to their promises. 

I am also a Licensed Private Investigator (CA Lic #27613), so I can easily locate a debtor's assets (if any).  This helps me to screen out the debtors with no money and lets me focus on those who can afford to pay (but choose not to!)

Also, as both an Attorney and a Private Investigator, my clients get the benefit of the Attorney/Client privilege.  Regular Private Investigators don't get this privilege and anything their client reveals to them can be used in court.  A P.I. without this privilege cannot refuse to disclose details of their conversations with the Creditor/Client.  But as an Attorney, my clients automatically get this protection.  

So if someone you know has a judgment that they cannot collect on, I can help.  And when you get your license, and win cases for your clients, I can help make the time and money spent on suing the debtor worth the effort. 


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