Friday, April 13, 2007

Well... Yesterday went quite swimmingly. In fact, if I HAD been swimming, I would be at the bottom of the pool it went so well. Life intervened, as it so often does these days. The best laid plans of mice and men are no match for the illogical crap that life, and family, can throw at you.

I won't go into the sordid details but let me simply state that, at 49, there is plenty of life just laying around waiting to sink its teeth into me if I let my guard down. I suspect it's the same for everyone else. We can't expect to try to tackle something as monumental as Law School without displacing, and pissing off, some other important part(s) of our lives. And those other parts don't just stand idly by, waiting patiently in the wings, biding their time until we finish school (and the Bar Exam) for the opportunity to re-engage themselves in our routine. Some of those parts fear they will never get reinstated to their former places of importance and they're not happy. So they turn into wrench-throwing monkeys with a unique talent to hit the most crucial part of the works with their hurled projectiles.


So I pick up today where I started and ended yesterday. If you're interested, re-read yesterdays post to see what I'm doing today.

btw... did I mention that I'm still in school? I graduate June 23 and I have to keep up with the regular school load whilst I study for the Bar. So, I'm trying to: (1) finish school; (2) absorb the wisdom of not one, but two, tutors; and (3) keep the personal/family hounds at bay.

Did I say Blah? I thought so.


Now don't get me wrong! I love my family! I simply wish I could afford to send them on a four month vacation until the last Friday in July.

Diving back in....


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