Tuesday, July 31, 2007

One one hand...

... I hope the frustrating essay dreams go away soon. I had another last night. But on the other hand, they might as well stick around until November. At least it'll keep me in the right frame of mind should I have to do this again (knocking ...)

On a positive note, I took a half day off yesterday to golf and it looks like my game hasn't completely disappeared. On the other side of that positive note, until I find a job, golf is a luxury that I won't often be able to indulge.

Today is resume building day, and finding places to send it. Thanks for the advice yesterday on my resume question. I'm going to use some of the resources you suggested and if I get stuck I'll be in touch.

I took a quick trip through my Blogroll this morning. It seems that most of the July 2007 Bar Exam candidates have "left the building." I know it's just a small segment of a much larger population of Bar Exam Bloggers, but I suspect it's the same all over. And rightfully so. If nothing else, we need a break. Still... the crickets are deafening.

Now it's off to the bookstore to find a how-to on resumes. Normally, I'm an automatic online shopper. But now that I have a little time to spare, and very little money to spare, I'm in manual mode.

Hasta la Later, Amigos!


Blawgin' said...

I'm still here, GP! =) But I know what you mean...it's silence all around blogland...

Good luck on the resumes. I may go to the bookstore myself, and catch up on some "fun" reading. Sad how we return to the place of our misery, although it's for a different reason. =)

calbar blondie said...

I don't know, but I cannot BEAR the thought of venturing into my local library! I tried re-designing my blog this morning and failed miserably:(. A graphic artist, I am not. I'll keep trying. I do want to keep it going and switch gears; discuss fun topics-du-jour. I love to write and it has been a wonderful outlet during bar prep.
GP, if you need another set of eyes on the resume, I was a headhunter/exec. recruiter in my prior profession. I'd be happy to look at it for you. The non-trads have to support each other in the job search!
BTW, glad that someone named A left the building...shhhhhhh

conbrio said...

I think some people are on that mythical thing called a "post-bar trip" that I can't begin to afford right now. So I'll be floating around out here in the blogosphere and posting about my (hopefully brief) job search and other random things.

calbar blondie said...

I think you mentioned that someone had posted something nasty on your blog? I just had someone do the same thing(I think I have a pretty good idea who it is). I made a remark about a newsy item and its relevance to the exam we just took, and this person just spewed all over the comment page. And had the nerve to use a phoney name.
I wonder what brings these people out of the woodwork. They need employment or a muzzle, whichever comes first.