Thursday, August 2, 2007

Now they want my blood!

Not the Bar, mind you, but the Red Cross.

I've given close to 60 pints of blood over the past 32 years and the Red Cross knows me well. My blood type is A-. I have a tendency to want to help others so the fact that only 6% of the population has my blood type gives me a little more satisfaction from donating. My appointment is in about an hour.

Had a Bar exam dream last night where I needed to get up from the testing area and help someone with something. By the time I got back to the test there was 5 minutes left and I hadn't yet answered the third essay question. Talk about panic. I think that was a manifestation of the feeling I have that I'll be taking it again in February.

I know that I have a fair chance at passing the one we just took. However, I've said before that I'm a firm believer in Murphy's Law. And even though there weren't any questions on that subject, it's already had a negative effect on many people.


Anonymous said...

Why did you remove jdunderground from your blogroll?

Bar Daze said...

LOL, those bar dreams! Yesterday I sorted and packed most of my bar materials (although I'll be keeping them close at hand until November). Last night, I dreamed that I ran into a classmate reviewing secured transactions at Starbucks. During our conversation it dawned on me that she had taken the same exam as I had, and I said, 'so right now you don't know that you didn't pass?' Yet she was there studying - and I woke up wondering if I should be packing the books or reading them.

The Grand Poobah said...

Anon: I'm trying to move this blog slowly away from being "Bar Prep" oriented, to whatever it's going to turn into after Nov. 16th. You'll notice I removed more than a few links, not just JD Underground. JD Jinx is also gone, as are a few of the Feb '07 Bar Blogs, and some other that had become somewhat static.

Bar Daze": I did the same thing yesterday. My study material from the Bar was still in the back of my truck! I carried it into the house and sorted everything. I'm not packing it away, or giving it away, until I know it'll not be needed again. In fact, I plan on remaining acquainted with it until then. I'll start on that just as soon as I get the resume squared away.

Richard said...

wow - everyone seems to be having dreams?! lol - doesn't make sense as the exam been over for a week! I started giving blood last year cus i realised that once i move to america i apparently won't be able to give ANY blood being english :(

Anonymous said...

Nobody cares about Jdjinx. I came to your blog because of JDUnderground.