Sunday, August 5, 2007

A few (more) post-bar observations....

My physical self is getting back on track. Lately I've been feeling like my internal systems were going wobbly on me, like a gyroscope when it struggles to stay upright as the RPMs slow. I knew my internals were starting to go off-line, one at a time, as the stress of conforming to the study regime took its toll. And it had become increasingly obvious during that last week, especially over the three days of the exam.

But things are settling back into regular form now. All that remains is to see if I can get back to my pre-law-school level of exercise so I can keep off the ten pounds that I lost during the last two months before the exam. I like weighing 240 lbs. It fits my six and a half foot frame rather well. I hadn't thought about it until recently but I suspect my size could come in handy in a court room. We'll see ...

On the employment front, a good friend has given me some advice regarding my job prospects. Tomorrow the hunt for a salary begins with enthusiasm.

And ... let's see what else I can write about. Hmmm.... I know. My favorite color is green. I like long walks at dawn on a golf course. lol!


Jonathan Kramer said...

Well, now we know why your favorite color is green, you duffer!

Hanging in okay?


The Grand Poobah said...

I find it funny that when I read "duffer", I immediately wondered who was the duffee! (;-)>

Duffer, duffee, obligor, obligee, assignor, assignee ... it reminds me of a song.

Hanging in, I am. I'm trying to sell one of my motorcycles. I really, really (really) don't want to put a house payment on a credit card.

I have until the end of this month to find a job before I start finding creative ways to make ends meet. It's a good thing my credit rating is high. For now. I really, really (really) don't want to have to explain to the Bar why I declared bankruptcy immediately after graduating. The only bright side to that is that I'm not trying to bail on student loans. I know they frown pretty seriously on that.